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New Domains This Week – .QUEBEC and More!

5 new domains are launching this week, including the highly anticipated .QUEBEC domain! The La Belle Province is getting its own domain extension and is now available for Sunrise and Landrush registrations! If you’d rather wait for your .QUEBEC domain, don’t worry. We’ve also began accepting Pre-Order Registrations for .QUEBEC and 4 other new domains this week.

.QUEBEC – Are you part of the La Belle Province?


The new .QUEBEC domain extension is now open to both the Québecois community and the rest of the world! The new .QUEBEC domain features a unique launch period because both its Sunrise and Landrush phases begin today, September 2, 2014 and both periods end on November 4th, 2014.

If you are part of the La Belle Province, find your .QUEBEC domain name today.

More New Domains

Aside from the new .QUEBEC domain, 4 other domains launch this week. This batch features pretty generic domain names, which means that you decide how you want to use these new domains.


The new .CLICK domain represents how we get around online. From images to videos, we click our way through the internet! Whether you plan on creating a .CLICK domain name for your website or have plans on using it for your own vanity URL shortener, Pre-Ordering a .CLICK domain is just one click away!


If you search for the word ‘diet’ on Google, you’ll receive about 456,000,000 results. With the growing interest in diet, the new .DIET domain couldn’t have come at a better time. If you have tips on how to achieve dietary goals, feature your website on the new .DIET domain.


While information has never been more accessible, everyone still needs a little help from time to time. From tips on small project to details like setting up a business plan, the new .HELP domain is a great way to showcase your tips online.


From town homes to luxury condos, the new .PROPERTY domain lets you create a real estate website that you can be proud of. From helping home owners overcome their fears of buying a new home to creating local listings for your clients, .PROPERTY puts your brand, front and center.

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