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New gTLD Highlight: What is .WEB? is now accepting pre-registrations for upcoming new generic Top Level Domain Names (like .web, .hotel, .blog, .home, .tech etc.) and we’re getting a lot of great feedback from our customers!

These new extensions are a huge opportunity for businesses and individuals. Think of the possibilities! You can be creative (YourNameAt.home), you can be industry minded (HotelName.hotel) and you can start protecting your brand names ( or

In order to showcase the benefits of these new extensions, we plan to highlight a new gTLD each week!

This week, we’ll talk about the .WEB gTLD extension; detailing its potential uses and how it can benefit registrants for that specific domain space.

The .WEB gTLD is popular because it is such a generic term and not limited to an specific industry or niche. In fact if you think about it, it is more relevant to any website than a .COM which was originally intended for commercial websites.

Benefits of a .WEB domain name

  • Highly versatile and flexible.You can literally make any domain name under this gTLD extension and use it for whatever purpose you see fit.
  • Not limited to a specific industry or niche. It is applicable to commercial websites, brand pages, campaigns, not-for-profits, groups and individuals.
  • Opportunity to get the name you want.
  • The perfect alternative to a .COM domain name.

With most good .COMs and .NETs already registered, businesses and individuals are forced to adopt domains that are either:
a) too long and/or (example:
b) hyphenated domains (

This can lead to visitors getting lost or even forgetting the entire URL of your domain, leading traffic away from your website. 

Let people know you’re online

Web is an abbreviation for website, so what better way to let others know where you can be found online, than with a .WEB domain name? It’s easy to remember and is unique.

Register NOW

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