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New gTLD Highlight: What is .BLOG? is now accepting pre-registrations for upcoming new generic Top Level Domain Names (like .web, .hotel, .blog, .home, .tech etc.) and we’re getting a lot of great feedback from our customers!

These new extensions are a huge opportunity for businesses and individuals. Think of the possibilities! You can be creative (YouNameAt.home), you can be industry minded (HotelName.hotel) and you can start protecting your brand names ( or

In order to showcase the benefits of these new extensions, we plan to highlight a new gTLD each week!

This week, we’ll talk about the .BLOG gTLD extension; detailing its potential uses and how it can benefit registrants for that specific domain space.

Since blogging allows people to voice out their opinions and ideas about anything, .BLOG will provide a dedicated space for bloggers. Under .BLOG, bloggers will be able to identify themselves to their readers before anyone even goes to their website. For example, would immediately let readers know the site is most likely a food blog, in the same way that would let people know you are writing a blog about horses. 

Benefits of a .BLOG domain name

  • Provides a clear and easily identifiable domain name.
  • Perfect alternative to blogging websites like WordPress, that give you domains that are too long. (You can always forward your long domain name to your shorter .blog name).
  • Great domain space where you can showcase your writing talents, ideas and opinions about various topics.
  • For companies and organizations, you can create a dedicated domain for your blogs that are clearly branded to you.

While having good blog content is crucial, having a memorable domain name is equally important because:

a) Everyone tends to forget names that are too long like. Example: YourName.BlogWebsite.Com
b) People don’t like to browse through hundreds of blogging sites to find interesting content. A short, concise name is the best way to attract and keep visitors to your blog.
c) It increases SEO for businesses!

People will get lost and will pass over your blog if it is unremarkable and unmemorable. Make sure that the name you register is easy to remember.

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