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New gTLD Highlight: .MONEY is now accepting pre-registrations for upcoming new generic top level domain names (like .web, .blog, .hotel, .finance etc.) and we have been getting a lot of great feedback from our customers!

These new domain extensions are a huge opportunity for businesses and individuals. In order to showcase the benefits of these new extensions, we are highlighting a new gTLD each week!

This week, we want to highlight .MONEY gTLD; a highly generic term, but a term that resonates with a lot of individuals and companies. Interestingly enough, only two applicants have applied for the authority to act as the registry for the .MONEY gTLD.

Why will .MONEY be special? Well, mainly because this gTLD will be initially operated as a blank slate. Meaning, its use and purpose will be determined by the registrants within the domain extension. The gTLD will evolve according to how registrants shape their domains and websites within the extension. For example: If registrants shape their websites as e-commerce websites, then it would be an online marketplace, etc.

Benefits of a .MONEY domain name:

  • Registrants will be able to take advantage of the blank slate and create a niche for themselves within the new domain extension.
  • Those who pre-register for a domain name in this gTLD will have the opportunity to grab the names of their choice! From a domain speculator (domainer) standpoint, grabbing those generic .MONEY domains may be extremely valuable!
  • For those involved in the financial sector, it would be beneficial to pre-register your brand name on this new gTLD. Protect your trademark!

The .MONEY domain extension will have an impact on the Internet landscape and Internet users will have a large role in shaping how this extension plays out.

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All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access gTLD information by going to the ICANN gTLD Application Wiki or the .MONEY wiki page.

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