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New TLD Launch: Transform Your Fashion & Clothing Brands With .CFD Domains!

Clothing and Fashion Design is a dynamic and ever-evolving industry. The glamour and vivaciousness around the world of clothing and fashion design have captured people’s fancy from all walks of life. Today, starting a fashion business may seem competitive and daunting, but it isn’t so. In fact, your clothing and fashion design business has various avenues to thrive online. 

With the rise in digital interactions and online businesses, starting your fashion and clothing brand online is easier than ever.  

Whether you’re a fashion designer, budding stylist, or fashion influencer looking to start a clothing and fashion business online, or if you’re looking for opportunities to expand your current fashion and clothing business, a .CFD domain extension is what you need.

What Is .CFD?

.CFD is a brand new domain extension specially tailored for the clothing and fashion design industry. The .CFD domain extension is perfect for new-age clothing and apparel businesses, creative fashion designers, forward-thinking fashion bloggers and influencers, fashion brands, and growing cosmetics and footwear companies looking to reshape the world of fashion. 

The fashion community loves .CFD! Several fashion thought leaders like Kentaro Kameyama (winner of season 16 of Project Runway), Hofit Golan (TV host and fashion model) and Caroline Vazzana (a leading fashion editor and stylist) are advocates of .CFD

Clothing brands, fashion houses, and individuals of the fashion community have a fantastic opportunity to register meaningful, remarkable, and out-of-the-box domain names for their online business with .CFD. 

Several notable Hollywood celebrities and fashion icons have already registered their full names and brand names with .CFD! 

.CFD has already become a gem for small businesses starting their fashion and clothing business online. 

Who Is .CFD For?

.CFD is a three-letter domain extension that is short, smart, and creative. It is suitable for fashion houses, clothing manufacturers, retailers, designers, and individuals fascinated by the world of trends, style, and glamour. 

.CFD is also an ideal choice for creative fashion houses and independent designers who wish to use their artistic imagination to transform the world of fashion and clothing. 

Style gurus, models, fashionistas, and social media fashion influencers can use the .CFD domain extension to build a distinctive online identity and communicate with their target audience effectively.

.CFD can also be used by online boutiques, virtual fashion shows, lifestyle and fashion eCommerce shops, fashion blogs, and curators of style guides to highlight their style and fashion sense online.

Why Choose A .CFD Domain Name?

There are numerous compelling reasons why .CFD domain extension is the right fit to build a strong clothing and fashion brand online. Below we have listed down three reasons that make .CFD the idle choice for individuals building their fashion and clothing brand online.

  1. Names are readily available.

As a newly launched domain extension, finding names with .CFD is more straightforward than finding names on conventional domain extensions. You can use .CFD to register a meaningful, creative, and imaginative name for your fashion and clothing website.

  • Access to meaningful and memorable names.

You can use.CFD to register meaningful and unforgettable names that reflect your clothing and fashion brand. Being a three-letter short domain name for Clothing and Fashion Design enables brands to choose a simple domain name and sticks in people’s minds. Brands can use .CFD to register a keyword-rich domain name for their website.

  • Easy to establish a powerful brand.

The advantage of using .CFD for your clothing and fashion brand is that it helps to create a powerful and formidable online presence. Since its easier to find names on .CFD, you can opt for a keyword-rich, category-killer name that will serve as the cornerstone of your clothing and fashion brand’s success. 

What Makes For A Perfect Fashion Brand Domain Name?

Many aspects contribute to a perfect fashion brand domain name. The below-mentioned points will help you figure out the basic ones while picking one for your brand.

  1. Length: Keep your domain name simple, succinct, and straightforward. A short domain name is simple to remember and spell.
  1. Relevant: Your domain name should be relevant to the industry you belong to. Anyone who comes across your domain name should immediately understand the nature and industry of your product and services.
  1. Creative: Choose a creative, clever domain name for your clothing and fashion brand. Like your fashion designs, your domain name should turn heads and spark curiosity among people to learn more about your brand.
  1. Keyword-rich: A keyword-rich domain name will allow your website to rank on search engine result pages and make it easier for your audience to discover you.
  1. Simple: Avoid using jargon, special characters, numbers, and misspelled words in your domain name. Keep it simple, readable, and memorable for your audience.

How To Name Your Website With .Cfd

If you’re looking for name inspiration, the name suggestions mentioned below can help you to choose the perfect domain name for your fashion and clothing brand. 

  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.
  • (e.g.


If you’re someone who dreams of making an impact in the fashion and clothing industry, then .CFD can be a stepping-stone for you. .CFD is positioned as a clothing and fashion design domain extension that’s ideal for anyone striving in the world of glam and glitter. 

With .CFD, you no longer need to compromise on your name choices and brand identity. Create a strong online presence for your fashion and clothing brand by registering a one-of-a-kind, creative, and clever domain name with the .CFD domain extension.

The .CFD domain extension will be available for registration from April 13th, 2021. Head over to our Domain Search page to get started.

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