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New Ventures BC 2010 Competition – List of Companies Advancing to Round Two

As a long time supporter and sponsor of the New Ventures BC Competition, would like to congratulate the following 134 companies shortlisted to round 2 of the competition. Judges of the competition will whittle down this list to only 40 companies May 10th.
The companies advancing to Round 2 in alphabetical order are:

“Greedy Bubbles” edutainment technologies
A GPU Software Company
Aeos Biomedical
Allocadia Software
Antic Wireless
Arbutus Technologies
Awesense Wireless Inc.
Bet Smart Media Inc.
BIG Green Island
Bravius Digital Publishing Solutions
Brighter Brains, Inc
Canadian Marine Parts
Catalyst oneMAR
Chico – a new electric car by Von Mynheer
Clinical Media Ltd, product: Clinicbook
CO2 to C and O2
Combination Cradle
Cost effective and ecologically friendly technology for wastewater treatment
Crosswind Power Systems Inc.
Crowdsource Networks Inc.
Cubee: A Cubic 3D Gaming Platform
Cutting Edge Industrial Design the easiest podcast platform for business
Digniti Home Hospital
DX3 sportmilk athletic recovery beverage
Dynamic Smoke simulations for Computer Games
Earth Tubes
EcoMeter by EnviroSpeak Media
ELBO plugin and package for mobile phone
ElectroMotion Energy Corporation
Elite Living International Inc. with the BucketList Project
Elvisonics Diagnostic Imaging
EnergyCzar Solutions
EvolutionaryInk Ltd.
F2P Acceleration Canada
FaceLessVoice Productions Inc.
First Light Technologies Ltd.
FITSYS (Integrative Fitness System)
Fully Automated Biological Tissue Sectioning
Global Innovative Farm Technologies Inc.(GIFT)
Golden Age Information Architects
Goldstream Publishing Inc.
Good Energy Research Inc.
Greater Than Technology Corporation – Virtual Tour Web Application
Green Boss Energy (Canada) Ltd.
GreenScene AgriTek Inc., Manure Recycling
Grin Technologies Ltd.
Harman Edison Product Development Inc.
Hipparcos Technologies
Hybrid photovoltaic system operable under diffuse and direct sun light
Illuminate Solar Inc.
iProgen Biotech Inc.
Jostle Corporation
Life Management System
LiveIn Network
Locarna Systems, Inc.
Lumira Technologies
Mavi Innovations Inc.
Meke Innovation Corporation
Memory Leaf
MetroCor Estimation Network
MineSense: Clean, Green, and Sustainable solutions for the Mining Industry.
Mobile Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service
Multiverse: The Worlds of Science Fiction
My Wedding Match/Weddingful
New Smart Device
Novaera Fuels Ltd.
Novel Resonant Cavity Sensors
Novel water-fed, stand-alone proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell backup system
Nurugo Inc
ouiART: We bring artists together
Orage Energy Inc.
PensionWise Consulting Inc.
Powering remote communities throughout Canada with a new technology 5KW wind turbine with 5KW solar pan
Purpose Wireless Ltd.
Quadrogen Power Systems, Inc.
R2Z Innovations Inc.
RaceDay Chip
Reconfigurable Technology for Signal Processing
Replicate – Pure Mocap
Residential Energy Conservation
RIPE Energy
Ronin Fuel Cell
Scallable Technologies Inc.
Second Nature Agritech
SharableThings Inc.
Situware Interactive Inc., Social Networking Discovery Engine
Sol en Frio – Powering the Developing World Cold Chain with Sunshine
Solar Thermal Demonstration Project
Sole Gear BioMaterials Inc.
Spotted Innovations Inc.
StressMarq Biosciences Inc.
Thermal-electric power supply for control and circulation systems
Tribal Education Technologies Incorporated
Unknown name: fast software compiler system – please contact Angie at 604-725-5740 if this is your submission.
Verbed Noun Bike System
Vestige Systems Inc.
VP Process Inc.
Waste Reduction and Energy Production
Wavesine Solutions Inc
WhaleChat:3D social platform
Winsor Global Financial Inc.
Worlds first 2-stroke supercharger system
XacPac – The Virtual Packer
Xeri roX Productions Ltd.
Zenterra Energy Inc.
Zeros 2 Heroes Media

Submissions broke down by type of business as follows:

IT / Media: 53.3%
CleanTech: 18.5%
Life Sciences: 10.4%
BioEnergy: 4.4%
Other: 13.3%

Submissions broke down by region as follows:

Metro Vancouver: 68.1%
Thompson/Okanagan: 14.1%
Vancouver Island: 14.1%
Kootenays : 2.2%
North : 1.5%

Read more about the 2010 New Ventures BC Competition and participating companies.  

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