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New Shopping Cart for 2011

We are excited to announce that has launched a new and improved Shopping Cart!

Our streamlined new cart will make shopping faster and simpler. Some of its benefits include:

  • Simplified domain registration and shopping (we’ve reduced the number of steps by half!)
  • Ability to change terms, quantities and set auto-renewal options for both domains and services directly in the cart
  • Apply global updates to all domains in the cart
  • Add compatible services such as email and SSL directly in the shopping cart
  • Enhanced bulk capacity – register hundreds of domains at one time with improved bulk handling
  • Automatic crediting for unused time when you upgrade or change services
  • Easily upgrade, downgrade or update the billing cycle of your service(s)
  • Easier Registrant management
  • Realtime status updates for domain and service provisioning shown directly on the purchase confirmation screen

And remember we still offer:

  • Some of the most flexible payment options around, including major
    credit cards, invoice, online banking and cheque, as well as pre-paid
    account credits for “money-free” purchasing

We Welcome Your Feedback

We’re looking forward to a smooth transition, but if you experience any bumps or hiccups with our new system, we definitely want to hear about it!

Because one of our core values is to “always be improving” we welcome your feedback about our new cart, whether it’s big or small, positive or critical. is committed to continuously reviewing our processes to maximize efficiency, productivity and quality. We will do our best to resolve any issues you experience as promptly as possible as well as incorporate your suggestions for improvement.

And of course, if you require assistance using our new cart or have questions about the new features, simply call us directly.

Please send your comments to, or,
Call us
toll free 1 866 470 6820 to share your feedback with a customer support representative.

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