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One Week Left until .TEL General Registration

Many of you have already registered or pre-booked your .TEL domains. Others have heard by now that .TEL is different but are not sure their business needs another domain name. With .TEL General Registration on the horizon, we thought it was important to recap how .TEL is not your average domain.

.TEL is not for hosting a website and is more than another extension you’ll forward to your primary website or blog to funnel traffic. .TEL was designed to facilitate rapid connection. It stores your business’s contact data directly in the DNS instead of returning an IP address. Because .TEL does not map you to another location on the Internet, it is incredibly fast at pulling information. Think of it as the ultimate business card.

When TelHosting launches on March 6th, will function as a live, interactive communications hub where you can publish all your means of communication, for example: phone, mobile, fax, VoIP, IM handles, email addresses, critical links and more. TEL’s ability to store structured information will give your customers more options for getting in touch and will connect them quickly to the right area of your company.

Some Key .TEL Business Benefits include:

– Makes your company easier to find, to reach and to remember
– Routes online customers directly to specific departments or branches
– Features click-to-connect functionality for phone, mobile, email, chat, etc
– Drives traffic to your web site without hosting or coding
– Can be updated or accessed from any internet enabled device
– Increase online discoverability in different markets through multi-lingual keywords

For those having a hard time picturing how .TEL will work, try entering your business name in the .TEL  Simulator or watch our short video for business users.

General Registration – $19.99 US for 1 year. .TEL pre-booking will take place until aprox. 7:00 AM PST March 24, 2008 when ‘Go Live’ kicks off.

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