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Over A Million Registrations and Counting – The New Domains By The Numbers

1 Million New Domains and Counting

Domains registered under the new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) just surpassed the one million mark; but which domains are people from all over the world registering?

We know you have questions about the new domains  so we’ve scoured the Internet to provide you with information and hopefully, answer some of your questions.

Top 10 New Domains Worldwide

While we can’t say which new domain extension will give .COM a run for its money, .GURU and .CLUB look to be quite competitive and are slowly nearing the 100,000 mark.  With hundreds of new domain extensions launching in the next two to three years, it will be interesting to see which of the newer, unreleased domains will shake up the leaderboards.

The majority of .BERLIN and .在线 domains were registered by individuals, organizations and businesses operating in Germany and China, respectively. If these two were taken out of the picture, .SOLUTIONS and .CENTER would take up spots #9 and #10 -18,205 and 17,234 respectively. 

Which Domains are Canadians Registering the Most?

Canada ranks at the #5 spot on the global rankings with 41,224 domain names under the new extensions! As for which new domain extensions Canadians are using, the stats are fairly similar with some minor differences. 

The domain that clearly differentiates Canada is the .EQUIPMENT domain. While it only ranks #33 in the world, Canadians consider it as the #5 most popular domain. .EQUIPMENT is so popular in Canada that 1,410 out of 8,041 .EQUIPMENT domains are registered by Canadians – that’s 17.54%!

How do you track all the new domain extensions?

We know it’s difficult tracking all the new domains so we’ve revamped and relaunched our new Domain Schedule page! We’ve added new features to it to help you keep track of things easier. Take it for a spin today!

Start your search today!

The new domains are picking up momentum and if you’re looking for a new domain name for yourself or for your business, this is the perfect time to find a new one!

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Numbers and figures are based on stats as of June 19, 2014

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