30 Years & 2.5M Domains Later, .CA is Still our Favourite Domain

As many of you know, Webnames has a special history with .CA . Our co-founder, John Demco, conceived of the .CA country code for Canada, created the original registry at the University of British Columbia and voluntarily maintained it  for 13 years before transitioning it to CIRA’s custodianship and governance. During that time John and a small group of dedicated volunteers processed every single .CA domain registration manually.

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Internet Service Providers in Canada Compared

As we all become increasingly addicted to online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon’s Prime, it’s a good time to review the Internet Service Providers that provide us with the ability to binge watch 20 episodes of The Good Wife in an evening, or (heaven forbid!) download the two most recent seasons of Game of Thrones. Is there a difference between them other than price? Do we have an actual “choice” when it comes to who delivers us our evening’s entertainment of hatewatching Scandal, or worse, Riverdale?

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Aftermarket Domains – Your Gateway to a Memorable & Brandable Name

It’s easy to think “all the good names have been taken” and to be honest, most of them have, at least in the major extensions like .COM, .ORG, .BIZ and .NET.  But now you can take a second kick at the domain name can and get an incredible domain on the Webnames.ca Domain Aftermarket.

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Best Domains for Environmentally Conscious Businesses, Products & Orgs

Tomorrow we celebrate Earth Day.  For environmentally conscious brands, products, organizations and communities there are now a variety of domain names and specialized namespaces to choose from that can be used communicate earth-friendly programs, products, goals and values.  You might be surprised at the available options.

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Webnames Achieves Climate Smart Certification

After a lot of hard work, we are proud to announce that last month we officially became Climate Smart certified.  This was achieved through several training sessions, the creation of an exhaustive inventory of our greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and of a GHG reduction plan. For those of you considering doing the certification – and we encourage you to do so! — the Climate Smart group, provides some very smart software for this purpose.  Once you’ve collected all of your data and entered it to the system, it reveals not only an organization’s gross emissions for the year but an illuminating summary of where those emissions come from.

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New Domains Launching this April

April is right around the corner, and so are a handful of great new domain extensions. Here they are in order of their General Registration launch dates:

.FUN – April 05, 2017

Short and memorable, .FUN is the perfect online destination for entertainment, humour, recreation, products and activities that bring joy to people. MakeThings.fun with this peppy new extension.

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Masa Takei: The Storyteller

Masa, we’re super excited that you have agreed to share your story with us, our customers and followers. So let’s get to it, we have some questions for you. First off, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do?

I work as a freelance writer, kind of a hunter-gatherer of stories. I’ve written in an array of mediums including magazines and newspapers, online, and for the screen. For example, I wrote stories about traveling through the Northwest Passage for The Globe and Mail and through the Great Bear Rainforest for Explore, created a year-long video series for RadX while building an off-grid cabin on Haida Gwaii, and worked on epically bad feature movies about half-vampires and genetically modified mercenaries. In my wallet I carry a license to go anywhere, talk to anyone, do anything and call it work (as long as I produce something to share). What could be better than that?

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Should you register a .ECO domain? Here’s what you should know before you decide.

Another new gTLD is set to launch in April. Yup, we get it. You have heard this all before …

With the introduction of so many new domain extensions in recent years, businesses and orgs, as well as marketing teams, IP managers and technical administrators of domain portfolios are becoming immune to the messages new gTLDs are putting forth.

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The .SHOP gTLD: The perfect domain for e-commerce


Whether you’re want to be the next Amazon or pioneer something completely new, the online world is a competitive landscape. From big box brands to niche e-commerce sites, having the right product isn’t enough; you’ve got to be found. Aside from the benefits of SEO and optimizing your page to attract local customers, it needs to have a name that pop.

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BC Provincial Government Responds to Employer Needs with Co-Op Education Program

In my role as Vice-Chair of the Small Business Roundtable of BC, I work with industry leaders and other small business owners to identify key issues and opportunities facing small businesses in British Columbia and to develop recommendations for small business and government on strategies to enhance small business growth and success.

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