Domain Name News – Feb. 4, 2007

.COM and .NET Registry Price Increases Expected This Year – VeriSign expects to increase the annual registry fees for .com and .net domain names this year, according to CEO Stratton Sclavos. Presently the annual registry or wholesale price for a .com name is USD $6.00, and the price could rise 7% to $6.42. The registry price for a .net name could increase 10% from $4.25 to $4.67. Each registrar will determine whether or not to pass on price increases to registrants and resellers. VeriSign must give six months’ notice before increasing prices. (Note: By my reading of the .net agreement, the registry price consists of two components, a $3.50 service fee and a $0.75 ICANN fee, and it appears that the 10% maximum increase may apply only to the service fee. This results in an increase from $4.25 to as much as $4.60.)

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Domain Name Hijacking explained

Over at CircleID last week, Brett Lewis of Lewis & Hand, LLP defined Domain Name Hijacking while educating domain name owners about how it can be avoided.

Domain Name Hijacking is the terminology commonly used to describe the wrongful taking of a domain name from its rightful owner, by deception or fraud. A couple of the most common methods of domain hijacking are impersonating the registrant in communications with a registrar or registering a lapsed registrant email address (Hotmail and Yahoo addresses are often targeted) to reset a password and authorize a transfer of registrar or registrant.

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