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Pre-Order .DEV, the New Domain for Web Developers and Technology

The new .DEV domain from Google Registry is now available for early access registration and pre-order in advance of General Availability. On February 28th, .DEV will become publically available, providing developers and technologists a new space on the web to showcase their programming projects, portfolios, ideas and more.

Why choose .DEV?  

It’s true, many tech-themed domain options already exist, including .APP, .TECH, .DIGITAL and others. .IO, in particular, has been leveraged by developers for a while because of its symbolism of “I/O” or “input/output”. Despite those choices, you really can’t get more concise or targeted than .DEV as an abbreviation for web development. It’s a perfectly branded extension for anyone whose profession or passion relates to code and developing digital products, unambiguously conveying what type of content you can expect. With more than 200 million .COM domains already registered, .DEV presents a rare opportunity to secure a top-tier, unforgettable, targeted domain if you register early.

Who Should Register DEV?

While .DEV is open to anyone for registration, it’s most relevant to people who are engaged in building a vital developer community, organizations working to increase coding literacy, technology companies, divisions of existing companies focused on digital innovation, and of course, web and application developers who want to share projects, portfolios, documentation, tools, or ideas with the world.

A Secure Namespace

In its pursuit of universal encryption for a safer, more secure web, Google Registry has made .DEV a secure namespace by adding it to the HSTS preload list. As such, HTTPS is required on all connections to .DEV websites and webpages to work properly in modern browsers. This is done by configuring an SSL certificate on your .DEV domain, ensuring a safe and secure experience for all visitors.  

Getting your .DEV Domain 

Early Access Period for those willing to pay a premium in order to secure handpicked .DEV domains early runs from February 19 – 28th.  EAP price-points range from USD $188.99 to USD $16,518.99 for the same domain, and are highest at the beginning of the 9-day EAP period.

General Registration, in which domains are awarded on a first-come, first serve basis, starts on February 28th | Cost USD $18.99

Pro-Tip → Pre-Order .DEV Early to Get a Jump on the Competition 

The launch of a new domain is always your best opportunity to secure a highly brandable web address, so we strongly recommend pre-ordering for EAP and General Registration. We’re already seeing a high number of pre-orders come in early, which suggests there’s a lot of excitement around this extension. 

When you pre-order ahead of launch day, your requested domains are submitted instantly to the registry when registration opens, increasing your chances of a successful registration. The process is not only more efficient than trying to register manually, it’s also risk-free – if your domain isn’t successfully registered, you don’t get charged.

The countdown to .DEV go-live is officially on, and we are here to help you get the domains you want. If you require assistance placing a.DEV trademark registration or pre-order, or have questions about what period to register in,  our Customer Support team is standing by to help. Simply call us toll free at 1-866-976-9835 for personal assistance.

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