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Introducing .REALESTATE, a new domain for real estate professionals

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Stand out in Canada’s competitive real estate industry with a .REALESTATE domain

In a few days the new .realestate domain for realtors and real estate industry professionals will officially launch. Backed by both the National Association of REALTORS® and the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA), .realestate will be an important marketing tool for standing out in a competitive industry.

Memorable and relevant, this new domain is ideal for any person or service with ties to the real estate industry, including realtors, developers, builders, brokers, bloggers, listing websites and more.

Why register the .realestate domain

In one word: branding.

With more than 120,000 registered realtors in Canada, in addition to many other industry professionals in related verticals, a descriptive and memorable domain name can help you stay top of mind, get found online, and reach your target audience – be they buyers, sellers or investors.

What does .reasestate cost?

The cost to register .realestate is USD $150.00 per one-year term,  and it can be pre-ordered now, ahead of general registration at

What are the benefits of pre-ordering before general registration starts?

The launch of a new domain is always your best opportunity to secure a highly brandable web address. When compared to established domains like .COM or .CA, domain availability is incredible.

When you pre-order ahead of launch day, your requested domains are submitted instantly to the registry when general registration opens, increasing your chances of a successful registration. The process is not only more efficient than trying to register manually, it’s also risk-free. If your domain isn’t successfully registered, you don’t get charged.



How do I choose a good .realestate domain?

If you’re a realtor, registering your own name is always a good tactic. Same with your brand or a company name. You can also combine things like genres or styles of housing, geographic place names, or new developments with .realestate to come up with a relevant domain for your business or service. Here are some examples, but the options are endless.


highrise condos

After registering, put your new .realestate domain to use

As with all domains, .realestate can be forwarded immediately upon registration to an existing webpage or social media profile,  used for a new website build or rebrand, as well as for professional email addresses.

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If you have additional questions about the new .realestate domain, or would like some assistance with a pre-order or registration, our Customer Support team is standing by to help and can be reached toll-free at 1-866-221-7878 .



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