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Register .GAY and wave a virtual Pride flag

Celebrate and show your allyship with the LGTBQ community through a .GAY domain name.

We’re super excited here at Webnames to be participating in the launch of a first-of-its-kind digital space for #LGBTQ communities with the new .gay domain name.

It’s not every day that a new domain name extension launches, especially a top tier, historic one like .gay. So with that in mind, we’re going to share a little more about .gay and explain the ins-and-outs of how the .gay domain launch will work this September.

So many reasons to love and register  .GAY! 

The .gay domain is an inclusive new web address for LGTBQ individuals, businesses, organizations, initiatives and allies!  When you or your brand uses it, you will be signaling your pride and support to LGTBQ audiences. Whether you are an up-and-coming artist making your mark, an LGTBQ aligned local business, or a Fortune 500 company that prioritozes diversity and inclusion, everyone is welcome in the .gay family!

While .gay is operationally similar to other domain extensions, it’s also an industry-changing pioneer.

First, .gay creates a new medium for LGBTQ visibility, positivity, and support online. Second, .gay will help fund some great LGTBQ causes, with 20% of the revenue generated from new .gay registrations being donated by the registry every year to LGBTQ nonprofits like GLAAD and CenterLink (the community of LGTBQ centers). And third, .gay will be a safer online space with policies to ban or remove anti-LGBTQ usage, including harassment, threats, and hate speech. 

The launch of .gay represents a fabulous opportunity to celebrate and uplift LGBTQ communities and content online – so don’t miss having the first crack at getting an amazing .gay domain name. What’s more, when you register a .GAY domain with Webnames, you also get FREE access to our LiteSite 1-page website builder, a branded email account and SSL security!

Everything you need to know about registering .GAY

It’s always exciting whenever a new domain extension launches because nearly any domain name you can think of is available. We’ve all heard a friend or colleagues say at some point, “I really wish I had registered when it was available” … or whatever it may be.  

Here’s the thing, domains like these actually are up for grabs when a brand new extension like .gay launches! 

Early Access Period (EAP): September 8th – September 15th

With businesses and individuals all vying for handpicked, high-quality, brandable .gay domain names – names like,,, – the registry has implemented what’s known as a Dutch auction for Early Access Period. The Dutch auction process assigns a high asking price for a domain name on Day 1 of EAP, with the price being lowered each consecutive day until it’s sold, or the General Registration period begins. 

For those willing to pay a premium in order to secure the .gay domain their heart desires, EAP runs from Septmber 8 – Septmeber 15th, with price-points ranging from USD $16,549.99 USD on Day 1 through to $219.99 USD for the same domain on Day 7.

General Availability (GA): September 16, 15:00 UTC / 8 AM PT

Wednesday, September 16th is .gay’s official launch, the day all non-premium, non-reserved .gay domains become registerable for USD $49.99 on a first-come, first-served basis forever more!

If the .gay domain you want is not likely to be highly competitive, and if your business plan isn’t dependent on having that exact domain name, then you can register .GAY in GA rather than EAP.

That said, you should 100% place a pre-order for the .gay domains you want to register in GA so that you do not need to wait at your computer, refresh, search, add to cart, create an account, and race through the checkout process to get your .gay domain!

Pre-Orders Explained

The launch of a new domain is always the best time to secure an amazing web address that can set your brand up for success online. For that reason, whether you want to register during EAP or General Availability, we recommend placing a pre-order ahead of time! 

Pro-Tip → Pre-Order .GAY Early to Get a Jump on the Competition 

When you pre-order ahead, your requested domains are submitted to the registry the instant the registration phase opens, increasing your chances of a successful registration. The process is not only more efficient than trying to register manually, it’s also risk-free – if your domain isn’t successfully registered, you don’t get charged.

A Safe Online Space

.GAY domains and their owners are protected by the “.gay Rights Protections” policy which exists to establish .gay as a gay-friendly internet space. .GAY cannot be used for hate speech, bullying, harassment, or inciting violence, and is banned from use by recognized hate groups. Any violation of these terms will result in an immediate suspension of services.

Ready, Set, Dot-GAY!

The countdown to .gay go-live is officially on! Team Webnames is here to help you get the .gay domains you want. If you require assistance placing a .gay trademark registration (deadline September 4) or pre-order for any phase,  our Customer Support team is standing by to help. Simply call us toll free at 1-866-976-9835 for personal assistance.

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