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Save money when you renew or register your domain names for a longer term


Is your .COM or .CA domain name up for renewal soon? Consider renewing it for a longer term!

There are many benefits:

  • Save Money – Renewing your domain for longer than the standard 1 year saves you money on the yearly renewal price. Pricing from as low as $13 per year (for a 9 year term) is available to you. If you are registering a new domain, register for up to 10 years for the best available price.
  • Save Time – Don’t worry about remembering to renew your domain every year. When you renew for a longer term, you know your domain won’t be expiring accidentally due to a forgotten renewal notice! (With that in mind, it’s always important to make sure your contact information is up to date so that we can contact you when your domain is ready to be renewed. We call you, email you and send you snail mail!).
  • Company Name Security – It can be easy to forget to renew a domain name even with all the notifications. When your domain is secure for a longer term, you’re ensuring your company brand is protected.
  • Less renewal notices in your inbox – No explanation needed! We know you don’t need all that clutter in your email inbox.

Renew for a longer term to save, feel secure, and commit time to other priorities! Learn more and find out about our longer term domain name pricing.

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