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Save up to 70% on .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains!


The new .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains are entering their respective Landrush periods and we know that registering your domain names during Landrush is a bit expensive so we’re having a promotion on these two new domains!

Until September 16, 2014, use promo code LR70 to save big on these two new domains.  Receive a USD $100 discount on .WEBSITE domains and an USD $89 discount on .PRESS domain names by using LR70.

If you’re wondering how and where you’ll be able to use these two new domains, here are a few ideas:

There’s a .WEBSITE domain, just for you

dotWebsite The internet of things contains all types of content – from websites that provide us with information on topics we’re all interested in to shopping sites that make things easier, the internet has changed our lives.

With the internet becoming such a large part of our lives, it is only fitting that .WEBSITE is one of the new domains that is now available. .WEBSITE is available to everyone and is an excellent way to share your content online.

Whether you create great infographic for your customers or if you just need a website for all the tech news that you have to offer, feature your site on a .WEBSITE domain today.

Share the latest news on a .PRESS domain

dot-pressWhether you are an aspiring journalist or an authority on the web, the word “press” is synonymous with news and information.

From covering the latest news and updates on global affairs to providing the latest company updates to your customers, the new .PRESS domain extension provides you with a great outlet to boost your visibility online.

For those looking for a creative way to share original content online, find a .PRESS domain name that helps drive more traffic to your website.

Save on .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains today

Find the .WEBSITE and .PRESS domain name for you or your business today! Use the promo code LR70 and save up to 70% on new .PRESS and .WEBSITE domains when you register during the Landrush Early Access period today.

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