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More Value with Web Hosting Plans: Secure Your Website for 80% less! would like to announce that we are launching some new additions to our Web Hosting Plans! New features include a Rapid SSL Certification that can be added to your hosting plan for just $2* per month and the ability to host multiple domains from a single account.

Add a Rapid SSL Certificate to your current Web Hosting Plan

If you are collecting personal information (such as their name, contact information and payment details) from your visitors and customers, you want to ensure that your website is safe and can be trusted. With the rapid advancement of technology, new and devious schemes and programs (malware, phishing sites, etc..) constantly emerge on the internet with malicious intentions. With a Rapid SSL Certificate, you can show your customer that your business is reputable and trustworthy.

Now, what exactly is an SSL Certificate? In simple terms, SSL encrypts sensitive, confidential and eCommerce information that helps in conducting safe storefront sales over the internet. It makes sure that you are who you claim to be and ensures that a safe connection has been established between your website and your customer or visitor’s computer.

For only $2 per month, is offering a Rapid SSL Certificate to our Web Hosting Plan. That’s an 80% savings over our GeoTrust Quick SSL Certificate!

The option to add Rapid SSL becomes available to all current and new customers Web Hosting Plan customers.

Multiple Domains in Your Account

We are now also offering the ability to host multiple domains with a single Web Hosting Account. In the past, it was restricted to a 1:1 hosting-domain ratio. This made it inconvenient for customers who had multiple domains and wanted to have all those domains hosted.

The multi-domain feature is included for free with our Advantage Plan or higher! Go to for more information.

For more information email us at or feel free to give us a call at 1.866.221.7878.

*$2/month pricing based on 1 year term.

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