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SEO – some easy wins you can implement right now.

We launched our Search Engine Optimization service last month and I wanted to give you a taste of what I learned from our (frankly) brilliant SEO consultants.

There are some fast and easy things you can do that should garner you noticeable improvements in your search engine ranking.

#1 quick win – The Title Tag.
Your website’s title tag is the first piece of real estate that Google indexes. If it just says Benson and Sons you’ve given the engines nothing to work with and unless people already know about you, it doesn’t say what you do. But if you say “Benson and Sons -Winnipeg Area Private Investigators and Bail Bondsmen”,  you’ve told the search engines where you are and what your business does.

#2 quick win – Words, Words, Words
Google loves words and primarily indexes words. Your landing page should have at least 250 words on it and some of those words must be the key search terms that you want to be found on. So for Benson and Sons I would suggest the landing page have something like this:

“Benson and Sons is a Winnipeg based private investigation firm that also specialized in bail bonding.

Our certified investigators and bondsmen are discreet and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bonds and investigations no longer need to be the embarrassment they once were! You can make inquires by phone, email, online or in person. Our process is simple. Once you contact us we will get back to you within the hour. We will listen to your problem and come up with a solution plan that can be acted upon quickly.

No bond is too high and no investigation too small.  Bail for a loved one falsely accused of being the Kissing Bandit? We’ve got you covered. Would you like us to find out who the real Bandit is?  Our state of the art undercover and online sleuthing will complement your solicitors work.

We take all manner of payment for our bond and investigation services – credit card, mortgage lien, high performance vehicles, estate jewelry and the like.

We service Winnipeg and southern Manitoba as well.  Call Benson and Sons today. Our satisfied customers all say the same thing “I have never had my bail bond and private investigation needs handled so quickly and efficiently”.

Should you need us to work in any other province; we will gladly assist one of our many professional associates in those provinces who are certified bondsmen and investigators. At no time will we hand off the work to another company.  Your satisfaction is our only goal.”

The key words that they would be found on would be : Winnipeg, bail, bond(s), investigator(s), investigation.

This block of text uses the key words organically.  It covered off what we do and our location. Both of these are essential to being found.

Our resident filmmaker Rami, shot to the first page of Google (from page 4) on the term Vancouver Cinematographer by changing his Title tag. It had been Rami Films Personal Portfolio and then became Rami Films Vancouver Cinematographer.

He also made sure that he peppered his blog posts with the two words and then added those posts to his blog roll on his main page at

Our SEO service consultants can help you figure out which words you should be trying to be found on. They can tell you how to use the description fields for your pages and the alt tags for your pictures.

They’ll look at your competition and figure out what you can do to leap over them in the rankings. They’ll teach you about links in and links out.

So give us a call today and we’ll get you set up with a consultant ASAP. And if you want some snappy copy for your website we can help with that too! Just give us a call.

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