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The .SHOP gTLD: The perfect domain for e-commerce


Whether you’re want to be the next Amazon or pioneer something completely new, the online world is a competitive landscape. From big box brands to niche e-commerce sites, having the right product isn’t enough; you’ve got to be found. Aside from the benefits of SEO and optimizing your page to attract local customers, it needs to have a name that pop.

With the new .SHOP domain, it’s now easier for users to register an intuitive .SHOP domain name for their business online. This new TLD has been making waves over the last few months so if you think that a .SHOP is a great fit for you, register one now.

.SHOP is a great domain choice for many reasons. At the end of April 2016, there were 334.6 million .COM domain names already registered so finding a good .COM domain might be difficult.

As one of the newest new gTLDs, the .SHOP domain is a great choice for any e-commerce business. In fact, think about it.

You may have come up with a great domain name under .COM but it wasn’t available. So you decided to fiddle around with the domain name to come up with something that sort of resembles your original idea. Close enough, right?

Now that the new .SHOP domain is available, your original idea might still be available. Like I said earlier, the .SHOP domain names are growing at a rapid pace so it’s a good idea to get one now. Plus, we’ve also made it more affordable. Until January 31, 2017, .SHOP domains are only $8.99 so hurry and find search for a .SHOP domain name today.

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