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ICANN Approves New gTLD Program – A New Domain Landscape is on the Horizon

New Domain Names are Coming in 2012

Part of the mandate of ICANN is to make the internet representative and inclusive. Over the last ten years they have tried to pick new top level domain names that would best serve the internet and this centralized process saw the introduction of new domain extensions such as .biz, .info, .mobi, .pro, and .tel.  A new domain program has been in discussion for a number of years and the timelines for it are expected to be announced fairly soon. The new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) paradigm will allow anyone to pay an application fee and so long as they fulfill certain criteria they will be able to run a domain name registry.

There are three main types of new gTLDs that are expected:

  • Geographic
  • Special Interest
  • Corporate Interest  

For example it is expected that Paris, Berlin, and New York City (and others) will apply for .paris, .berlin and .nyc.  It is also expected that companies like Cannon, Nike and IBM will apply for and run .cannon, .nike and .ibm domain registries.   There are also special interest groups that are anticipated to apply for  .shop, .sport, .gay and .golf.  

There are two main differences that are expected with the new gTLD process.  First, it is expected that there will be many more new gTLD’s introduced over a fairly short period of time.  Second, it is expected that some of these new gTLD’s will fail. There has not been a failed gTLD yet and the new approach being taken by ICANN is that they will no longer try to pick the winners but will, instead, let the market decide.

ICANN Approves New gTLDs

This week ICANN formally approved the program it developed for creation of new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) at its 41st open meeting in Singapore.

Applications for the first round of new gTLDs will be accepted by ICANN from January 12, 2012 through April 12, 2012, and ICANN’s application fee will be $185,000.  ICANN will post the public portions of all gTLD applications within two weeks of April 12, 2010 and it will then undertake a review of each application to determine whether the proposed gTLD is appropriate for approval.

ICANN reports on its website that a global campaign will soon begin, to tell the world about this dramatic change in Internet names and to raise awareness of the opportunities afforded by new gTLDs.

For those interested in taking a closer look at the policies that will govern the launch of the new gTLD program, they can be found in ICANN’s 352-page gTLD Applicant Guidebook.

We are gTLD Ready!

We want to let you know that Webnames.ca is ready for the coming change in the Internet and domain landscape. We have worked hard to ensure that our systems are fully capable of supporting the new gTLD’s with the integrity and reliability that our customers have come to expect.

We will continue to keep you informed on any new developments and information as they become available.

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