Show you're a retailer that's ready for business with .STORE

Show you’re a retailer that’s ready for business with .STORE

“I’m going to the store.” “Which store did you buy that at?”  “I love that store.”

Just think about how many times a day you say the word store, think about a store or actually go to the store? As a retailer, shouldn’t your domain name convey that you are in fact a store?

There is a domain extension that has come to rescue all retailers – .STORE.

.STORE is a unique domain extension that captures the intention of your online and brick and mortar business, in one easy word. What’s more, “store” is the word that North Americans use to denote the place they go to purchase something. On this side of the pond we tend to use “store” as a noun and “shop” as a verb.

So when you are looking to launch a retail store, be it online or out in the real world, choosing the name for your store is important. You want it to be memorable and brandable but you also need to consider the availability of your potential name as a domain name.

You might be able to get (in all its glorious hyphenated-ess), but what are you? A restaurant? An animation company? A tattoo parlour? With a .STORE domain you can clearly tell customers what you do – at you are a retail operation.

But .STORE is not just for new retailers. You may have a restaurant, animation company or tattoo parlour that is branching out and selling sauces, plush toys, or art. You can create a new domain that houses only your retail goods, segment it for marketing campaigns and drive highly targeted traffic to it.

Emirates Airlines has separated their store from their main site and the website sells airplane models, branded clothing and travel accessories. This traffic does not muddy up their analytics with their main website, not does it allow people to drift away from the store and wander into travel planning, or vice versa. The traffic that arrives at the store is there to discover and purchase Emirates goods.

In celebration of .STORE’s first anniversary, Webnames is giving all retailers the opportunity to register a .STORE domain for only $2.99 USD – that’s 95% off it’s regular retail price!

Search for your new .STORE domains today. This offer expires June 30, 2017.

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