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Start your next chapter online with .PAGE

Turn the .PAGE with a Fresh New Domain 

Google Registry’s .PAGE domain will be launching in a few short weeks and it’s a great choice for anyone wanting to create a new website online.

One of the most versatile and broadly-applicable extensions to launch in recent years, the short and easy to remember domain is a perfect choice for anyone launching a new business or personal project. In particular, .PAGE will have loads of appeal to startups, entrepreneurs, publishers, bloggers, writers, web designers, web developers … and anyone with the last name of Page 😉

Key Registration Dates

Sunrise registration of .PAGE by registered trademark holders is on now, but most prospective registrants will want to keep tabs on the Landrush and General Registration start dates. 



Pre-order your .PAGE Domain for Free before Registration Begins

If there is a specific domain you’re after – especially if it has wide or generic appeal – you might want to consider pre-ordering during Early Access/Landrush. Prices during this registration decrease over a one-week period, with registration fees being $188.99 USD for days 5 through 7 – a pretty reasonable price for highly brandable domain.


For those who simply want to wait until General Registration, we still recommend pre-ordering!

All pre-orders are held in a queue on a first come, first served basis and submitted by Webnames to the registry immediately upon the start of general registration. And pre-orders are always no risk. While payment information is required, you will only be charged for successful registrations.

The abiding rule with new domain launches is that early birds tend to come out on top. Pre-ordering the domains you want ahead of time helps to increase your chances of acquiring them.


An HTTPS Secure Namespace

If you have a website already, you’re likely aware of Google’s push towards universal encryption for a safer, more secure web and it’s phased approach of warning visitors to HTTP pages that they are “Not Secure”.


As part of Google’s advancement of web security, it began enforcing HTTPS for all websites under its own top-level domains earlier this year. So like .APP which launched this past May, .PAGE is also going to be a secure namespace. This means that all domains in the .PAGE zone will be added to the HSTS pre-load list, making HTTPS a requirement to connect to .PAGE websites.  In short, registrants will be required to get a valid SSL/TLS certificate in place for all front facing .PAGE webpages – something you can do for around $20 USD at the time of registration.


Ready, Set, Pre-order Today

With so many potential uses for .PAGE, we’re expecting some great things from this domain extension. Get into this new namespace early, register some great domains and start writing your next chapter online.  Search for and pre-order your .PAGE domain today.


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