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.STUDIO and .LIVE domains are now available

Two new domains just launched today: .LIVE and .STUDIO domains are now available for general registration. These two domains are great for business owners, creative professionals, agencies and more! These two domains are now available and here are some ideas on how to maximize the potential of the .STUDIO and .LIVE extensions online.

Stream your events on .LIVE

.LIVE is a great domain for a variety of users that range from athletes to professionals. Here are some ideas that we think goes well with a .LIVE domain:

  • Businesses that live stream using social media and other tools can create a unique and concise .LIVE domain name that forwards to your fans and audiences to the right channel.
  • Bands and musicians that are on tour can make the most out of a .LIVE domain by hosting your performance on a separate domain or using .LIVE as a URL that sends fans off to your YouTube channel.
  • .LIVE goes beyond media professionals and for any fitness bloggers, instructors and enthusiasts, .LIVE is a great way to promote a healthy and active lifestyle.

The new .STUDIO domain

.STUDIO is great for a variety of users, including photographers, artists, media professionals and more. Here’s how you can use .STUDIO:

  • Photographers with websites can stand out more online by using a .STUDIO domain to tell customers what your business is all about.
  • Convey a more professional image to create a .STUDIO URL for your website.
  • If your current domain name acts as your primary URL, .STUDIO is a great alternative to send people off to your portfolio page. Instead of giving YourDomain.com/portfolio, use YourDomain.Studio to quickly send clients to the page where they can see your past works.


These two new domains are just launched and if you have a great idea for a .STUDIO or .LIVE domain name, make sure you register it today before someone else does!

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