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It’s official – I ♥ dot CO

CO.pngWhen I heard about .co I immediately groaned and said “not a faux .com domain”.  Yes, I was skeptical.

But I’ve had time to rethink that thought. When I started looking into .co and how they have positioned themselves in the marketplace I changed my mind.

.co sees itself as an opportunity to get the name you really want (and have cleverly set their landing page to ). They use the example of The Madison Group who had and have now been able to rebrand with

I am a bit of a pedant about the original gTLD extensions. In my books .org is for organizations, .net is for ISPs,  and .com is for companies.

.co goes one further than .com – it is right for commercial purposes of course, but then extends to communities and contests – it’s a very clever repurposing of this domain extension. They also suggest communication and content – really the web is their oyster.

With only 400,000 (plus change) .co names registered, there is an amazing opportunity for all you .biz, .net, and .info branded websites to get a well targeted .co name.

Shorter, stronger, better!

There are so many great names still available – here’s a handful:

Click here to search for other .co names, or to register one from the list above.
Learn more about .co at the official .co registry.
Read the latest news about the new .co domain extension.

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.CO Now Available for Public Registration

The Internet just got a little bigger today with .CO opening for general registration. Beginning at 11:00 AM Pacific Time, .CO registrations began rolling in fast and furious at

A new domain launch is always exciting. For registrants it provides a rare opportunity to get truly premium domains – names that are memorable, dictionary words, combinations of words, popular phrases, trending terms and topics, first names, last names and place names.  Really good stuff is available at this early date!

Around the office, it’s exciting to see the variety of names being registered and share in our customers excitement when they get the exact domain name they want, or in some cases, have wanted for years.

With most of the quality .COM’s taken in the primary market, it’s getting harder to secure a good, global domain name unless you are willing to pay the going rate in the aftermarket. When searching for a new domain to represent a business, product or brand, most people have to go through dozens of variations before settling on a second rate domain.

.CO presents a rare opportunity for people to get all their names – brands, business and product – and also register relevant generic domains they can use to drive traffic, expand their brand or hold onto for future use.

Online shopping giant announced today that they acquired the domain “O.CO” specifically to target new audiences and expand its global brand.

“We think the O is a really important part of our brand,” said Jonathan Johnson, president. “We think many people think of us as the O. And single-letter domain names are rare so we’re glad to have this one.”

Overstock paid $350k for their new .CO domain, however you don’t need deep pockets to follow their lead. .CO domains are only $29.50 at and this is the best opportunity you will every have to register great brand building and marketing domains.

Register soon, an opportunity like this only comes around once every couple years.  This is your chance to get the domain that got away from you in both .COM and .CA!

Everything You Need to Know About .CO

Where:   Register .CO at

When: .CO General Registration begins Tuesday, July 20 at 11:00 PDT

Cost:  .CO is $29.50 US/year at
(This is the best price available for .CO, lower than most discount registrars including GoDaddy.)

Term: .CO can be registered for 1 to 5 years.

Meaning:  Associated globally with the words “company,” “corporation” and “commerce,” .CO is a flexible domain for businesses.  It is also a great platform for socially networked companies or individuals.

.CO Highlights

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2008 – Year in Review

2008 was another action-packed year at The main focus this year was on launching new products and services, in addition to celebrating our founding product: .CA domain names.  We continued to grow our services, attained record breaking service standards achieved by our customer support department and still found time for much community involvement.  

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The Sun Rises on .TEL has been accepting pre-bookings for the .TEL domain name launch for the past few weeks and response has been great.  With the official Sunrise period for the .TEL launch date of December 3 fast approaching, there is no better time to get your list of trademarks together and submit during the .TEL Sunrise pre-booking period.  Remember it is first-come first-served, even for the Sunrise period. To have the best chance at getting your valued trademarks registered as .TEL domains you should submit them as early as possible. 

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.tel – More than Just Another Domain Extension

When I first heard about the upcoming .tel domain extension, I had doubts about its timing and viability. My concerns stemmed from the fact that .Asia launched very recently, which left me thinking domain investors might be hesitant with .tel following so soon. I also worried the buzz around ICANN’s announcement of new generic top-level domain extensions next year could overshadow .tel in its infancy. 

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