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6 Common Domain Name Business Risks Faced by Corporations

6 Corporate Risk Factors Arising from Domain Management Practices

Managing risk is a high priority item for any corporation. Domain names are valuable business assets and the home of your brands online. If they go offline, even briefly, it can have serious implications on revenue, brand and customer trust. If a corporate domain name portfolio is poorly managed, without defined policies and adherence to domain management best practices, or spread across multiple registrars, that business is exposing itself to increased risk and expending unnecessary time, resources and money.

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Six reasons Canadians should choose .CA for a website

Domain names, as our own name suggests, are our jam! While we have more than 500 awesome options to choose from, as a Canadian-owned company our steady favourite remains .CA – and not just because one of our co-founder’s invented it. If you’re a Canadian individual or Canadian business targeting a homegrown audience, here are six compelling reasons (seven, if you count our current $9.99 .CA sale) to choose a .CA domain for your website over an alternative extension like .COM.

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tips to prevent brandjacking of your business

Five Steps for Protecting your Business from Brandjacking

Individual victim losses due to internet crime were greater than $1.4 billion in 2017, and those numbers continue to climb.  If you think you are well-protected from cybercrime, think again. It’s more than likely that you are overlooking important areas of vulnerability, such as your brand identity.  Today, your online reputation can make or break your business. Companies spend untold amounts of money on advertising and marketing but can get close-fisted when it comes to investing in their brand’s security.

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Newly Available Domains and Upcoming Launches – .AI, .BOATS, .APP & .DEV

We’ve added some new domain extensions to our roster since the start of 2018. After years of launching new domains at a rapid pace, releases of new gTLDs have slowed down somewhat, but there are a couple of great tech-focused ones on the horizon that domain watchers should be keeping tabs on. 

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Phishing is Inevitable, but Victimization is Not: How to Protect your Small or Medium Sized Business

Small and medium sized businesses are not actively being targeted by cyberattackers, so I‘ve got time to get my security measures in place, right?


You are not alone in thinking this however.  According to a recent study conducted by Edelman Intelligence for the major US insurance provider Nationwide, 41% of business owners believe cyberattacks happen more frequently in large businesses than in small businesses. In actuality, small businesses are often more vulnerable to cyberattacks than large businesses because they lack the financial and technical resources to implement robust security infrastructures. And don’t think it’s any different in Canada.

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The Growing Threat of Domain Hijacking (and How to Protect Against It)

The Growing Threat of Domain Hijacking (and How to Protect Against It)

Domain hijacking seems like a foreign concept to most but it is a very real threat. While it doesn’t gain as much attention as spam or malware, domain hijacking is equally as disruptive to businesses and organizations. In most cases, these disruptions are temporary but they can produce lingering fallout on brands.

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The .NEWS domain launches soon!


.NEWS is launching next week and it’s one of the domains we’re all anticipating to be a big success. It’s going live on July 15, 2015 but if you’re anxious to grab one early, EAP starts on July 8, 2015. When the .NEWS domain extension launches, we think it is going to be one of the most successful domains because everyone can use it. From bloggers and journalists to news and media corporations, .NEWS lets anyone create a domain name.

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Represent your interests with a .CLUB gTLD

The .CLUB gTLD extension is one of the new domains being released that provides flexibility and is usable by different groups associated with the word “club”, worldwide.

While registration of the .CLUB gTLD is an open domain extension, groups such as night clubs, sport clubs, exclusive membership clubs, social clubs, hobby clubs, professional societies and school clubs will be able to maximize the .CLUB domain’s potential.

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Domains have birthdays too! Happy Birthday .CO!

Happy Birthday .CO! 

It’s been 3 years since their global launch of the .CO domain and the folks over at .CO have done a great job of growing the domain. In the short time since it’s launch, there have been over 1.5 million .CO registrations already worldwide!

So how did .CO reach this milestone in such a short time? The .CO domain is highly popular among SMEs and events, worldwide. From the Canada to Australia, a lot of SMEs have adopted the domain because, “co” flexible and you can be creative with it.

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Re-brand yourself with a .MARKETING domain

With the plethora of different companies and businesses out there, it can become challenging identifying one company from another. It is also even more challenging distinguishing yourself from the rest of the competition. Luckily for companies in different industries, the new domains coming out will bring and present new and numerous opportunities for businesses to stand out. One extension that can potentially change the Internet for marketers is .MARKETING.
gTLD Highlight
What can marketers do with this domain extension?

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Summer Domain Sale: $4.99 .BIZ Domain Names

The summer is here, and it’s the perfect time to register your business name online! is having a domain sale on .BIZ domain names!

Why .BIZ?

Get the domain name you want – With the popularity of .COM, it can be difficult to get the exact name that you want. .BIZ offers more opportunities to get a unique domain name that will really work for your business. You can finally register that domain name you’ve always wanted like VancouverCraftBeer.BIZ or CanadianEntrepreneurs.BIZ.

Differentiate yourself – If you’re starting a new business, let people know about you with a .BIZ domain name, it sets you apart from the Internet’s vast crowd of .COMs. Do you have a new specialty bacon restaurant or maybe you just love bacon? Consider getting TimeForBacon.BIZ, it’s unique, available and makes your business more memorable! Plus, it’s a catchy name too.   

Protect your brand – If you already have a .COM or another domain extension, registering a .BIZ domain name is still a good idea. Protecting your name across varied extensions means that others can’t infringe on your name and take away business from your brand. Ensure that your customers never get lost by forwarding your .BIZ domain to your main website, for maximum exposure.

Internationalized Domain Names – Communicate with customers and website visitors in their own language. Protect and enhance your brand in multiple languages globally. Poutiné.BIZ anyone?

Register your .BIZ domain name and make sure to enter WNBIZSALE in the shopping cart!

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