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“Connect Me” Technology – Join the .tel Revolution

Using .tel is like having your own personal switchboard operator.  “Miss Havisham – connect me with a camel place in Cairo.”

 What if you are actually in Cairo (and your partner has frowned on you bringing Miss Havisham) – you enter into your iPhone. You choose Cairo from the list of cities that appear.  From the list of companies you choose One Hump or Two.  Their English language support number appears. 

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Angelina and Brad – Domain Savvy Parents

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt – or perhaps more accurately, their legal team – are some domain smart celebs.

The couple, who welcomed healthy twins on Saturday night at Fondation Lenval hospital in Nice, registered more than 50 variations of their children’s names – a boy named Knox Leon and a girl named Vivienne Marcheline – on July 12, 2008.

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The Lowdown on the Upcoming New gTLD’s

ICANN’s announcement about opening the registration of new generic top level domains (gTLD) has created significant buzz in ‘Internetland’ and the domain industry. Industry insiders speculate that it will generate a new gold rush of activity on domain names, like was last seen in the mid 90’s. ICANN also announced that for the first time they will be allowing non Roman characters to be used in the new gTLD’s. This in itself will effect a massive number of domains as well as individuals.

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Domain Name News – June 9, 2008

McAfee Maps the Malicious Web – McAfee has published its annual assessment of malicious websites around the world. The report estimates the percentage of risky websites in a number of TLDs, based on safety assessments from McAfee’s SiteAdvisor web safety database. Overall, 4.1% of websites are rated as risky. The .com domain comes in at 5.26%, the most risky ccTLD is Hong Kong’s .hk domain at 19.2%, and China’s .cn domain is second at 11.8%. The report indicates that 0.64% of Canada’s .ca sites are risky. The least risky TLDs at 0.2% are .gov (US government) and .fi (Finland).

Report Issued on Request to Implement DNSSEC in .ORG – An ICANN panel has issued a report on Public Interest Registry (PIR)’s proposed implementation of DNS Security Extensions (DNSSEC) in the .org domain. The evaluation found that the proposed implementation of DNSSEC “does create a reasonable risk of a meaningful adverse effect on security and stability, which can be effectively mitigated by policies, decisions, and actions to which PIR either has expressly committed in its proposal or could reasonably be required to commit.” Comments on the report are being accepted until June 20.

Picks To Click
•    Changes to the .ca WHOIS policy aimed at protecting the privacy of individual domain 
     name holders are scheduled to come into effect on Tuesday, June 10.
•    JUMO GmbH loses a dispute over

•    Tue, Jun 10: implementation date for new WHOIS policy for .ca
•    Sun, Jun 22 – Thu, Jun 26: ICANN meetings in Paris, France
•    Wed, Jun 25: .uk online registrant transfer becomes available
•    Mon, Jul 7: last day for comments on draft terminated ICANN registrar
     transition procedure
•    Thu, Jul 17: last day for comments on proposed IDN plan for .nz
•    Wed, Sep 10: CIRA Annual General Meeting in Vancouver
•    Thu, Sep 18 – Thu, Sep 25: voting period for CIRA Board of Directors election
•    Wed, Oct 1: .com and .net registry fees increase
•    Sat, Nov 1: .info registry fees increase
•    Sun, Nov 2 – Fri, Nov 7: ICANN meetings in Cairo, Egypt
•    Sun, Nov 9: .org registry fees increase

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