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Now Available at – .TV, .CC, .WS & .CO

cctlds.png recently added new domain extensions to our roster!  .TV, .CC and .WS. are now available for registration, transfer and renewal at


.TV domain names provide an instant association with video and rich media content. A .TV domain is the best way to announce that your site has video or other rich media, like animation, audio or streaming content.

.TV has also become popular as a secondary extension to websites with how-to videos, promotional materials, training and educational content and can be used to your .COM, .CA, etc.

 As a newer namespace, chances of securing the .TV domain name of your choice are significantly higher than with other major TLD’s.


.CC is a highly memorable extension that is used to represent several abbreviations.
It is extremely popular and widely used by niche markets, special interest groups and communities, including:

Commercial Companies
Consulting Companies
Chat Communities
Christian Communities
Christian Churshes
Chambers of Commerce
Community Centers
Community Colleges
Creative Commons associations

.CC is also frequently used as an alternative to. CA and .CN domains to indicate Chinese and Canadian content.


An abbreviation of “website,” .WS has become a popular alternative to .COM. .WS has no inherent implication about the nature of the website and no rules surrounding its content.
.WS is versatile, easy to remember and can be used for any manner of website (ecommerce, corporate, personal, file sharing, directories, forums, etc.).

The .WS namespace  also has excellent name availability in comparison to .COM and can be used as both a complement and traffic driver to your primary extension.

.CO Landrush

In addition to the above, is excited to be among a handful or registrars offering .CO for Landrush Registration.

Landrush is always the best time to secure a premium domain name. It is the first phase whereby a person can obtain a domain name that is not trademarked. Most premium and generic domains are allocated during the Landrush registration period. .

Landrush also allows for registration of names or names that may be in demand by multiple parties.’s .CO Landrush price is $275.00 US – the lowest Landrush price available (compare to $299 at GoDaddy). It includes both your Landrush fees and first year of registration. There is very little risk in applying, only a $10 non-refundable application fee if you do not win your .CO name.

Learn more about the Landrush application process for .CO here.

Why Register .CO?

.CO is meaningful, flexible and available!

.CO can represent a company, corporation, or other commercially focused endeavor.

.CO is a great fit for communities, cooperatives, coalitions, collaborative ventures, content sharing and communication platforms.

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To Dot-CA or not to Dot-CA? Which Extension Has More SEO Clout for Canadian Businesses?

We recently came across an article on that measures the effectiveness of .CA  versus .COM for Canadian businesses and they kindly allowed us to republish it on Blog.

While it is no secret we are big proponents of .CA – co-founder John Demco actually conceived of .CA in 1987 to identify Canadian content on the Web – we generally advocate that businesses get their name in both their .CA and .COM whenever possible and forward the second extension to their primary website to capture direct navigation (aka ‘type-in’) traffic as well as boost their SEO. The problem, however, is that most Canadian business’s find their .COM already registered.

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Tips for the Domain Treasure Hunter

I know it sounds less professional than the word “registration” but that’s how it feels to a lot of us, a treasure hunt.  The fun of the search, almost like a lottery, appeals to the adventurer in me.  Where to start?  Where to get them?  Which domain names are worth something?  What variations should I register?  What extensions do I need to cover?  Is there something I am forgetting?  Is there something I should ask?  Once I have located the domain, can I get it before someone else?  And how quick is the whole process?

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