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How to Stay Secure When Socializing and Interacting Online

CIRA’s latest Cyber Security Consumer Tip Sheet is about Socializing and Interacting Online. The majority of people use the Internet as a source to keep in touch with family and friends. Not all our online experiences are positive though.The tip sheet goes over the main issues you can face online when socializing and tips to deal with these problems such as:
Identity Theft

Any time you add personal details to your online profile, there is the risk that a scammer may steal them. Though many may seem innocuous, it may only take a few details–your full name and your full date of birth, for instance–to open the door to your online accounts. As well, if your status updates aren’t kept private scammers may watch them to gather details that will let them guess your password or your security question.


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Be Aware – Aggressive Marketing by “Domain Registry of Canada”

If you’ve recently received an official looking letter from the ‘Domain Registry of Canada’, we urge you to proceed with caution.

The “Domain Registry of Canada” is a company who has been in operation since 2001. The “Domain Registry of Canada” has no association with CIRA, or any government organization. They are also not related to in any way. Their official looking letter (see images below) is an aggressive direct mail campaign aimed at trying to get you to transfer your domain away from your current registrar to them.

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