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What We Learned From Our First Year as a ClimateSmart Business

We’re excited to be entering our second year of being a certified ClimateSmart business. With Canada’s 1.2+ million small- and medium-sized businesses having direct control over roughly 200 million tonnes of carbon pollution – the same amount produced each year by every car, truck, train, plane, and ship in the country – we were motivated to do better and control what we could to decrease our impact. Having recently renewed our certification for 2018, I thought I would share some of our learnings and findings now that we have year over year data to sift through, as opposed to last year when we established our baseline.

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5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Built My First Business Website

Maintaining a robust online presence has become requisite to succeed in today’s digital-centric landscape. In fact, 2017 saw a record 1.5 billion-plus consumers purchase goods online. The bottom line: if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or running a small- to medium-sized business, you’re probably not going to make it without an effective website.

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Local Leaders w/ Tina Lee, T&T Supermarket Inc.


The next Small Business BC Local Leaders event has been announced and on on July 16, 2015, join Tina Lee, CEO of T&T will share her journey of taking over the reigns of Canada’s largest Asian supermarket chain and her goals to evolve the business at the Local Leader small business mixer on July 16, 2015 at Small Business BC in Vancouver.

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New Cybele Negris Article: Online Tools and Resources to Help Owners of Small Businesses Know What They Don’t Know President and Co-Founder Cybele Negris’ new article, “Online Tools and Resources to Help Owners of Small Businesses Know What They Don’t Know” is now available on Business in Vancouver. In this article, she talks about different resources entrepreneurs and small businesses can use to grow their business. 
While there is a large number of resources available for small businesses, most owners don’t know that these exist. 
In this article, Cybele discusses the following resources and tools: 

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Recognizing and celebrating the contributions of BC’s best small businesses

Winners of the 10th annual Successful You Awards were announced last
night at an event at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver. This contest recognizes the importance of BC entrepreneurs and their contribution to their local communities and around the world. There were
about 450 people from the BC business community last night, a number that keeps increasing yearly!

The formal part of the event was when Small
Business BC recognized the achievements of 30 finalists (1 winner was
chosen out of 5 finalists in 6 categories).


This years winners were:

Best Concept: Western Industrial Solutions
Best Employer: Chris’ Signs and Lighting Service
Best Green Business: Gibson’s Recycling Depot
Best Online Marketer: ethicalDeal
Best Community Impact: LunaPads International
Best Company: Restoring Data Co-Founder, Cybele Negris was once again a Judge at this great event. She had the opportunity to review the applications for the
Best Online Marketer category and watched the pitches of the five finalist
companies. She was impressed by the innovation, dedication and passion
each of the CEO’s had for their companies.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for their success.

1 million people are employed by small businesses in British Columbia
and 98% of all businesses in BC are considered Small Businesses (defined
as 50 employees or less).

More information about the Successful You Awards
More information about Small Business BC

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Small Business BC 10th Annual Successful You Awards Top 10 Finalists

The Small Business BC Successful You Awards will be back for its 10th year. The ceremony will be held at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver on February 28, 2013.

The Small Business BC Successful You Awards is a province-wide contest that recognizes and celebrates the contributions of BC’s entrepreneurs to their communities and the economy.

The nomination period was open from October 1 until November 30, 2012. After two months of nominations, companies from a total of 29 cities from across B.C. have been deemed deserving of the award.The number of participating cities reached a record this year and it further solidifies the entrepreneurial spirit
of B.C. and its dedication to economic growth.

Nominees are voted to different categories that best describes their accomplishments and contributions. The categories are: Best Company, Best Concept, Best Employer, Best
Green Business, Best Online Marketer and Best Community Impact. On December 13, 2012, the Top 10 Finalists for each category were named. They are listed here:


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mom inc Movement 2012 Tradeshow

The mom inc Movement (MIM) Tradeshow is back! The event will be held at the Delta Conference Centre in Burnaby on November 4th, 2012., a proud sponsor of the event, will have a booth at the tradeshow and will be giving out
free .CA gift cards. These can be redeemed to register a free .CA domain
name and are valued up to $50!
Thumbnail image for mom_inc_logo.jpg
The event is a great way for moms to meet other moms, explore new opportunities and nourish their entrepreneurial flair. The MIM Tradeshow aims to break the status-quo and shatter the
stereotypical “mom-next-door” perception by empowering all moms through
inspirational speakers, vendors and workshops.

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WordPress Website Highlight:

FastTrack, our web design solution, was launched by Webnames a year ago to cater to small businesses and individuals looking for a professional website. The web design service provides a professional website that is built quickly (within 8-10 business days) and affordably. The program has been a huge success and we wanted to highlight some of our client’s results. 

creeksidescreencap.jpgThis month we look at We asked Dr. Mandy Downie, co-founder of Creekside Chiropractic, a few questions about her experience with and how things have been since working with

Please describe your business in 25 words or less.

Creekside Chiropractic is a community based family clinic with a goal of providing our patients with the most up to date evidenced based health care.
How important is your website to your business? What does it do for you?

Our website allows us to communicate with our existing patients as well as potential patients.  It provides us with a forum to introduce ourselves to others in the community without the pressure of meeting in person.  It allows us to set ourselves apart from our competitors as a base to showcase our services and professional opinions.

Why did you decide to invest in a new website?

As young professionals, we know where people go to find information – the internet, and we wanted to be on it.  We took over a practice that was not online and realized that a large portion of our potential patient base wouldn’t find us in the phone book.  As advertising regulations are strict with our governing body, having a website lets us tell our patients more about who we are and the way we practice – something that we would be unable to portray in print ads or signage. 

When choosing a company to work on your site what factors came in to play?

We were referred to Webnames by the Women’s Enterprise Centre in Kelowna, BC and I am very thankful for that. Having a (somewhat) local company working with us was important as we wanted to work with a company that understood our community and was available when we needed them. 

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Webnames. How was the process? Did everything go as expected? Were there any surprises?

I was impressed with the customer service Webnames provided right from the start.  If the person I was speaking with did not have the answers to my questions, they didn’t keep me on hold, they had someone else call me right away with the answers and explanations for whatever I was looking for.  Even though we had to be patient with the website development, we were always able to contact our designer to check in on the process and could watch the site develop with the direct link they provided. 

Has your new website had any effect on your business, either day to day or overall? If so, please explain.

We are still working on getting “seen” by Google and getting our website traffic up, but everyone who has visited our website has nothing but positive comments for us.  It provides us a place to communicate with our patients about the services we offer and somewhere they can go as a reference if they have questions or are interested about different aspects of health and conditions.  

How easy has it been for you to manage your site and keep it up to date?

We haven’t made too many changes yet, but the training session was easy to understand and informative and we love the fact that we can change things on our site ourselves without having to wait in a queue for the designers to make small adjustments for us.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Webnames on their new website?

We were very impressed with the customer support that Webnames has, right from the start we were never put on hold forever waiting to talk to a real person! We were also new to the business world along with the world wide web. Our designer spent a lot of time working with us to find a design and identity package that we were happy with. Despite not having direct instructions, Webnames came up with a logo and website that was exactly what we were looking for.

Want a quick and simple approach to building your website? Learn more about FastTrack, one of our web design options.

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Small Business BC 10th Annual Successful You Awards

Small Business BC’s 10th Annual Successful You Awards are open for nominations! The awards night will be held once again at the Pan Pacific Hotel in Vancouver on February 28, 2013.

The Small Business BC Successful You Awards (SYA) contest is a province-wide event that recognizes and celebrates the important contributions BC’s entrepreneurs make to their local communities and global economy.

The Awards, managed by Small Business BC (SBBC), is free to enter and open to all new and existing small businesses across BC.

Nominations will be accepted from October 1, 2012 until November 30, 2012. Small businesses across BC will have the chance to be nominated in six different categories.

858.jpgAwards are nomination-based and votes for the small businesses are
collected through various methods, including social media platforms.

Small businesses from small towns need not worry! SBBC has leveled the playing field by normalizing votes against the BC Regional District Population Figures.

Winners will be announced at the Successful You Awards Ceremony on February 28, 2013.

Cybele Negris, President and Vice-Chair on the SBBC Board of Directors, is proud to have been chosen once more to judge the awards.

Read more on Small Business BC 10th Annual Successful You Awards… Launches New BIV Ad Campaign Featuring Our Customers! has launched an advertising campaign in Business in Vancouver that will be running from September 2012 until August 2013. When we were considering a campaign with BIV, we started to think about who we are and what makes Webnames, well, Webnames! Immediately we thought about our customers!

We have built our business and our reputation on our #1 core value of “amaze every customer with exceptional service.” Our customers are always giving us their feedback and we decided to take their experiences and share them with the rest of the business community here in Vancouver. We thought this was a great opportunity to share stories about our customers, to highlight their personalities and businesses and the great things they are doing.

We will be highlighting one customer every month and first up we chose Judy Brooks, Interim CEO of The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs. Judy has founded, built and successfully sold 3 companies over the last 20 years. She is an outstanding Role Model in the community and acts as a board member for several Organizations such as FWE and Small Business BC, as well as on the Business Advisory Board for The Smart Cookies, Nurse Next Door, YYoga and Young Women in Business. FWE has been a long time customer of and we are pleased to have them first up in our campaign series.

The Ad:

Webnames BIV ad Sept 2012 Judy Brooks

The Campaign & Social Media

As we highlight a new organization or business each month, we will also be giving you a behind the scenes look at almost all of the photo shoots we did with each participant with our amazing photographers, Adam and Kev Photography. Most of the ads will have a QR code that will take you straight to the Facebook page where you can see the photos as they were being taken and who we have coming up next in our monthly ad series. There will also be opportunity to take a look at a few of the photographs from the shoot and attempt to guess which photo we decided to use for each participant!

We will also be sharing facts and achievements about each organization or business throughout the month.

We had a lot of fun planning this campaign and had a great time at the studio with Adam and Kev! A big thank you to everyone who was involved. We look forward to getting your feedback on the ads as they come out each month.

A little bit about FWE:

The Forum for Women Entrepreneurs is a place for women entrepreneurs to get tough questions answered. FWE is dedicated to providing visionary women with the knowledge, support, and connections they need to become wildly successful entrepreneurs.

The programs at FWE are designed to support and mentor women who are venturing into new business opportunities. From start-up advice to general tips and tricks, FWE leaders, advisors, and business professionals are ready to share their expertise.

Founded by Christina Anthony in 2002, FWE has been encouraging, educating, and mentoring women entrepreneurs for over a decade. With 140+ E-series program participants, 500 mentees partnered with mentors through the HSBC Mentor Program, and a growing list of programs and events offered throughout the year, the team at FWE, along with its members, continue to achieve enormous success.

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See the ad in BIV, which comes out every week! You can subscribe online by visiting’s subscription page.

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