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What We Learned From Our First Year as a ClimateSmart Business

We’re excited to be entering our second year of being a certified ClimateSmart business. With Canada’s 1.2+ million small- and medium-sized businesses having direct control over roughly 200 million tonnes of carbon pollution – the same amount produced each year by every car, truck, train, plane, and ship in the country – we were motivated to do better and control what we could to decrease our impact. Having recently renewed our certification for 2018, I thought I would share some of our learnings and findings now that we have year over year data to sift through, as opposed to last year when we established our baseline.

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Greening Up Your Workspace

It’s easy to make changes at home when it comes to helping out the environment, but it’s a little different at the office.  I think that this is because when you’re at home, you can track how much you spend on the water bill, heat or hydro.  At the office it’s a bit different since you normally don’t see the monthly expenses when they come it, so it may be a bit more difficult to track your useage from month to month.

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