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Using HTTPS Leads to Better Website Performance

Can SSL/TLS actually improve your website speed and overall performance?

Everyone in the IT industry knows that SSL/TLS is important for your website security. After all, it helps to protect the integrity of your website and the security of your users by securing the connection between clients and your web server(s). It also helps you to avoid those pesky “Not Secure” warnings on your website. However, the benefits of SSL/TLS extend beyond just that — using the TLS protocol can also increase the performance of your site so long as you configure your site for success.

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New gTLD Highlight: .CONSTRUCTION the best place to BUILD an online presence is now accepting pre-registrations for upcoming new generic Top Level Domain Names (like .web, .hotel, .blog, .home, .tech etc.) and we’re getting a lot great feedback from our customers!

These new extensions are a huge opportunity for all businesses and individuals. The possibilities are huge!
This week, we head down to the .CONSTRUCTION site and detail its uses and benefits to users and visitors.

.CONSTRUCTION will distinguish itself as the online home for the construction industry and all construction related information. With over 100,000 construction companies in Canada, .CONSTRUCTION will act as an identification tool for companies and act a form of directory for visitors. Companies will now have a simplified online identity and provide an added sense of security for visitors. Visitors will now have an easier time finding which construction company they want to work with and ensure that they are working with a credible organization.

Benefits of a .CONSTRUCTION domain name

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WordPress: Resistance is Futile


The support staff here at has witnessed first hand the rise of WordPress’ popularity over the last few years. More and more, customers are asking if our hosting plans support WordPress, wanting to know how to install it, or even just wanting to know whether we think WordPress is the right solution for their website needs. Last summer, introduced its FastTrack web design service, which uses WordPress as the platform to build the site. At first glance, one might think that decided to do this simply because WordPress is “popular”. After all, as of December 2011, WordPress 3.0 had been downloaded over 65 million times, and has surpassed giants like Joomla and Drupal in the arena of popular content management systems (CMS).

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New Product Announcement – Essentials Website and Social Media Strategy

Building on its history of exceptional support for its customers, is proud to announce our new professional services arm, Power for Small Business.

Under Power for Small Business, we are now offering a new service called Essentials, which provides clients with everything they need to succeed online, including:

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