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.TEL – Celebrates One Year of General Registration

Happy 1st birthday .TEL!  It has been quite a year.

One year ago today (March 24, 2009) .TEL general registration launched to the world and today there are about 275,000 .TEL names registered globally.

Webnames.ca has experienced quite a ride over the last year. Beyond just selling .TEL, “the digital business card that never goes out of date”, a lot has been accomplished based on the .TEL platform.

.TEL App for the BlackBerry – Webnames.ca got into mobile application development for the first time in 2009. Hornet is a free .TEL address book application that allows you to look up, store and use .TEL names quickly and easily from your Blackberry Smartphone. Enter a .tel name like webnames.tel and instantly download all of a contact’s information to your Blackberry. Any updates or changes will be updated as soon as you refresh the entry, so you’ll never lose touch or need to update contact information again. More information is available at HornetHub.com; Hornet can also be downloaded at http://hornet.tel

 .TEL Meetup – with 137 entrepreneurial members and six meetups already held, we have developed a great global network of .TEL enthusiasts who meet monthly to talk about the new and exciting developments in .TEL. Speakers have been Skyped in from London and even Beruit and the last meetup was live streamed over the internet. Learn more about, or join the .TEL Meetup group.

.TEL Gift Cards – the first-ever domain retail card has been created so that .TEL names can be sold by brick and mortar retailers across North America. The new retail card lets customers purchase .TEL names, which act as a ‘live’ digital business card, from stores and shops. The cards can then be activated online at a later date using unique codes printed on the back of the card, making them ideal for retail. CanTalk Wireless Solutions, Blenz Coffee and other retail locations have recently started to offer these cards.

.TEL Reseller Program – Webnames.ca’s .TEL Reseller Program helps resellers earn referral income on .TEL domain name sales. The program provides resellers a branded gateway for selling the popular new .TEL domain at great price-points while earning commissions. Resellers can choose between a one time payment of $5.00 per domain per year registered or $1.75 per domain per year for the lifetime of the registration. To learn more about Webnames.ca’s .TEL Reseller Program.

.TEL Videos – We had a lot of fun shooting our own .TEL videos.

Watch some of our other .TEL videos, for example, “Need a Locksmith?” and “.TEL for Realtors Interview” on YouTube.

One Vancouver – We built an initiative based on a community of partners and projects in Vancouver around .TEL and provided a forum to feature the local .TEL of the day. More info at One-Vancouver.com.

One San Francisco – Based on the model of One Vancouver, other cities are jumping on board to take advantage of building local communities around .TEL. More info at One-SanFrancisco.com.

.TEL Radio – Blog Talk Radio Host Marilyn Anderson features .TEL experts and early adopters through her internet radio program. Click here to listen to the .TEL program.

Dot Tel Central – Dot Tel Central was launched to provide a place on the internet where everything .Tel could be found. It includes a directory of .TEL’s, featured links, and even a dot tel awards.

.TEL Blog Posts – Webnames.ca posted 68 .TEL related blog posts. Read our comprehensive selection of .TEL articles under the .TEL section of this blog.

.TEL Cartoons – Illustrator Scot Ritchie of “The New Yorker” fame drew some .TEL cartoons for Webnames.ca. Check out Scot’s terrific cartoon.

MaelleRicker.tel – Webnames.ca sponsored Canadian Snowboard Cross Olympic Gold Medalist Maëlle Ricker and we are thrilled she won Gold at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. Congratulations Maëlle! See her .TEL http://maellericker.tel

Most of all because of .TEL, we have built long-lasting relationships with numerous people who have become close friends and strategic partners in a number of projects and initiatives.

Happy 1st birthday .TEL…and many more!

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