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Why a .TEL domain is the perfect business card

A .TEL domain is an amazing tool, either for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or as a networking tool. While it isn’t as sexy as a .COM or .CA, or a niche domain like .CO, .TEL domains have the advantage of being memorable, easy to set up and completely mobile; making them the perfect tool for your business card!

By: Murat Ertürk

Completely Mobile, Affordable and User-Oriented

.TEL domains include free web hosting, this means that for only $19.99, you can have a website up in minutes. The process of setting up your .TEL domain simply involves typing the information that you want to share then, publishing it.

This makes it the perfect tool whenever you go out to meet clients or network with other individuals. Instead of having multiple pieces of contact information on a card, just use your .TEL domain as your main point of contact.

Cost Effective and Convenient

A common problem with business cards is that once a single piece of information is updated or changed, you  need to update your cards and re-print them.  With a .TEL domain, that problem is eliminated. If you have a new phone number, simply log in to your .TEL domain and update your information from there. No additional costs required, just update and publish your .TEL domain.


As of  October 15th, all-numeric .TEL domains are available for registration!  This means that you can now register your phone number as a .TEL domain. For example, registering 6041112233.TEL or 7784445566.TEL is now possible. 

So how does this benefit you? Well from a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standpoint, this can help your business rank up. As more people go to your .TEL domain and stay to find information, your website (your main website) will rank up over time. Plus, the more of your contact information/links that people click, the higher your rank will be.

YourPhoneNumber.TEL can also help your customers find out about your business.

Let’s say a person you met only knows your name; to find you, they type your name into Google or any other search engine, and  your .TEL domain pops up. Instead of different links to random pages, potential clients and customers can find you online much faster. The person you recently met now also knows the best ways to contact you by going through your .TEL domain.

Register today! 

If you are regularly attend networking events or are looking to find a new and creative way to share your contact information, register a .TEL domain today!


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