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The Canadian Internet Forum (CIF)

Let your voice be heard at the Canadian Internet Forum (CIF) hosted by CIRA on February 28, 2013 at the Ottawa Convention Centre, from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The CIF brings together both local and international Internet experts and professionals to discuss important topics and issues that shape the Canadian Internet landscape today. This is especially important with the up-coming launch of new gTLDs which have the potential to change and expand the entire Internet domain as we know it. The forum will also include panels and sessions where participants can
discuss and debate on topics such as Internet governance and digital literacy.

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Participants will also be able to provide their own input and ideas on how to pave the way for continued growth and development of .CA domain. The forum provides all Canadians a chance to contribute ideas on how to further revolutionize Canada’s Internet landscape.

The forum is a yearly event that allows all Canadians to be heard and voice out how they feel the Internet should be developed in Canada. This will be the third year that CIRA will be hosting the national event. This year’s main topics are Digital Literacy and Internet Cyber Security, but there are other topics that will be open for discussion.

Other potential topics this year are:

  1. Opportunities to the success of the Internet in Canada
  2. The Internet driving Canada’s economy
  3. Benefit of Internet users in Canada
  4. Challenges to Canadian Internet sovereignty

Download a copy of last year’s Canadian Internet Forum Primer to get a preview of the Forum.

Attending the event is free (absolutely no charge), and Canadians unable to attend the event in Ottawa can view it via webcast by registering here.

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