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The new CIRA Factbook is available

The new 2013 .CA Factbook by CIRA is out and it has tons of great information about the .CA domain and how it matches up against other domain extensions!

The Factbook is divided into four main sections:

1) The Global Net
2) .CA in Canada and the Canadian Internet Economy
3) Canada Online and
4) .CA and the World


What’s in it?

The Factbook has some very interesting information. It is a compilation of facts and research about the global Internet domain name industry and .CA’s performance against other domains on the Internet.

The Factbook also provides information on the state of Canadian Internet and its usage. Facts are presented through infographics and charts, and it also provides interesting tweetable factoids.

Some of the facts include:

  • Canadians spend more time online than anybody else in the world; we spend at least 45 hours online per month.
  • Canadians are the most engaged and savvy online users!
  • It took 21 years to reach 1 million .CA domain name but it only took 4 years to reach 2 million .CA domain names.
  • The .CA domain is one of the safest domains in the WORLD.


To view the complete 2013 .CA Factbook, visit:



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