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Enhancing the online .SHOP-ping experience

As more and more consumers are heading online, businesses and companies are following suit. Online shopping is growing at a tremendous pace and is now a multi-billion dollar industry. With the clear success and growth of online shopping, a new .shop gTLD has been applied for and is one of the new gTLDs to be released soon. 

Drive more business to your website

For online and offline retailers, the .shop gTLD gives your products and services an easy-to-find venue on the Internet. A .shop domain will provide your business with an opportunity to secure a simple yet effective domain name that represents business online. 

The new .shop gTLD is good news for businesses, especially SMEs with a large e-commerce component because .shop domains send out a clear message what your website  is about. Having a .shop domain helps your business in solidifying your e-commerce presence. An additional benefit of .shop domains is increased ease in reaching international markets. . With the world becoming more and more connected online and overcoming physical borders, shop or shopping has become a globalized word. 

How do I use a .shop domain? Why should I register for one? 

Using .shop domains for businesses is simple. Simply register the name you’ve always wanted or just register your current domain name; YourBusiness.SHOP or YourOnline.SHOP are both valid domains and there is a good chance the names you want will still be available. 

For some e-commerce businesses, leaving your .com or .ca is difficult, we understand that. It’s possible that the domain you’re currently using is the name that you’ve always wanted or you’ve grown to love it. While this may be the case, we do recommend you still consider registering a .shop domain if you are involved in any form of e-commerce. Doing so allows you to protect your name from being taken by other companies, like your competition. 

You can also use domain forwarding with your .SHOP domain. YourOnline.SHOP may just be a placeholder, but you can use it to forward your customers to your main site or online store and keep their business with you. 

Pre-Register NOW

Make sure to pre-register for this gTLD and any other extensions that you might be interested in by heading over to www.webnames.ca/pre-registration.

Pre-registering is FREE, there is no commitment to buy the domain at this point and you’ll be the first to know when your selected pre-registrations become available.

All gTLD information is readily available for all individuals. You can access gTLD information by going to the ICANN gTLD Application Wiki or the .SHOP wiki page.

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