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The Sun Rises on .TEL has been accepting pre-bookings for the .TEL domain name launch for the past few weeks and response has been great.  With the official Sunrise period for the .TEL launch date of December 3 fast approaching, there is no better time to get your list of trademarks together and submit during the .TEL Sunrise pre-booking period.  Remember it is first-come first-served, even for the Sunrise period. To have the best chance at getting your valued trademarks registered as .TEL domains you should submit them as early as possible. 

Let’s review the who, what, where, when, why and how of .TEL Sunrise registrations, so we can be sure you have the necessary information to pre-book your .TEL Sunrise names.

 WHO?  Anyone with a fully registered trademark, which was applied for before May 30th 2008, and is fully registered before the official Sunrise submission period (December 3rd to February 2nd 2009) can submit a .TEL Sunrise request.

WHAT?  .TEL is the TLD set to change the way we list, share and search our contact information.  The Sunrise period is the early submission period reserved for registered trademark holders to give them the best chance at securing the brands and marks as a .TEL domain name.

WHERE? is taking pre-bookings for the Sunrise period as well as the Landrush and General registration periods for .TEL Domains. is one of the first and biggest champions of the .TEL domains. Our expertise in domain names and their management makes us your #1 choice for .TEL domains.

WHEN?  The .TEL pre-booking is happening right now, you can already send in your Sunrise, Landrush and General registration requests to by visiting us at

WHY?  As a registered trademark holder it is important to protect your trademarks, by submitting your application during the Sunrise Period you will ensure the best chance of successfully registering your registered trademarks as a .TEL domain name.  As the .TEL domains are not website based and do not allow for visual customization, using your logos and visual identifiers will help prevent your names and marks from being used by others, thus preventing dilution of your brand.

HOW?  Visit, email or call us for more information on .TEL domains and how to submit your Sunrise, Landrush and General requests.

I checked the forecast for the next few weeks and it look like the .TEL Sunrise is coming so don’t get left in the dark.



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