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Consolidate Your Domain Portfolio to Save on Domains

Summer domain transfer event at Webnames

What do you have planned this summer?

  • Lake swims ✅
  • Patio cocktails with pals ✅
  • Family time at the cottage ✅
  • Transferring your domain names to

If that last item isn’t on your to-do list, it should be!

Until September 30th, transfers of .CA, .COM, .ORG, .NET, .INFO and .BIZ domains are only $9.99 and include a 1-year extension of your current term.  Plus, when you have 5 or more domains with, you automatically receive permanently discounted pricing on all your renewals and new registrations. 

Webnames domain pricing tiers for owners of 5+ domains


Domain Consolidation for the Win!

If extending the term of your registrations and lower pricing isn’t compelling enough, having all of your domains under one provider has important business and security advantages.

It’s simpler – Say goodbye to tracking by spreadsheet and worries over missing a renewal notice. With everything in one place, you gain a bird’s eye view and the ability to manage all of your domains from a single master login.

It’s more efficient – Using multiple registrars creates more work with all the different logins, features, workflows, support standards, etc. Instead, streamline your processes and workload with Webnames easy-to-use and powerful domain management tools, or have us make all of your domain updates for you.

It improves security – The fewer registrars, accounts and logins you have to manage, the more secure your domains will be. Domains are critically important business assets – reducing access points and consolidating with a reputable registrar that prioritizes security will help to keep them safe. 

It provides continuity – Domains are often an afterthought in change management. When domains are consolidated, it’s much easier to transfer the reigns of control securely, know exactly who has access limit and know that nothing has been missed in the transition.

It supports your business goals – When your domains are at multiple registrars, who do you turn to for expert advice? What about changes to your account or domain settings? At Webnames, every member of our support team is a domain expert, armed with the knowledge to answer your questions and the ability to make changes to your account or domain names at your behest.

And that’s just the abridged version – there are even more business advantages to domain consolidation for both small business owners and large enterprises alike.

Ready. Set. Transfer ➡

If this has left you feeling motivated to get the ball rolling, here’s what you’ll want to do next:

  1. Confirm that the admin contact email you provided is still accurate and that you have access to this mailbox so you can approve the transfer requests 
  2. Unlock your domain names at your current registrar
  3. Obtain your domain authorization codes from your current registrar and keep them at the ready
  4.  Head on over to our Domain Transfer Page to get things started!

If you need assistance at any stage of the process, our Customer Support team is standing by to help. And if you’d rather have us do the work, simply give us a call at 1-866-976-9835 to get things underway! 


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