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To Be Released .CA Domains – Top Picks for April 25

.CA TBR Top Picks for April 25

A bigger than usual list of expiring .CA domains this week (8500+) made it hard to narrow down our top picks this week. Worth mentioning that in addition to our list profiled above, there are many of 3-letter .CA domains on this week’s list too, including,,,, and maybe even a few more.

To-be-released .CA domains enter general availability on Wednesdays starting at 11am PT /2pm ET, and can be pre-booked ahead of time to increase your odds of securing the domain(s) you want. The price is the same as a standard. CA registration, no premium or additional fees apply, and you only pay for the domains you win!

Below are some of my personal favourites from this week:

And because the list was so long, I’ll just throw in another few gems I was pained to leave off, including,,,,,,,,, etc.!

All the domain names featured above, plus thousands more, are available for pre-booking now at and will be released by CIRA on Wednesday, April 25, 2018.

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