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To Be Released .CA Domains – Top Picks for May 23

expiring .ca domains for May 23

Oooh la la, some amazing domains are dropping over at CIRA tomorrow, May 23rd. In addition to the ones listed in above, there are also a few 3-letter gems like,,,, and

To-be-released .CA domains enter general availability on Wednesdays starting at 11am PT /2pm ET, and can be pre-booked ahead of time at Webnames. Pre-booking is your best chance to secure an expiring .CA domain.  The price is the same as a standard. CA registration, no premium or additional fees apply, and you only pay for the domains that are successfully registered.  If you’re dabbling with domaining or building a domain portfolio, you’ll want to monitor the TBR on a weekly basis.

All the domain names featured above, plus thousands more, are available for pre-booking now at and will be released by CIRA on Wednesday, May 23, 2018.

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