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Moving from Web Builder to WordPress – Embrun Florist

Many customers are still on our legacy product, Web Builder which was a great tool to get online quickly. The tool has since been discontinued and replaced with two great website building options, Web Presence Builder, available with our Advantage web hosting plans or FastTrack, a professionally designed website, built with WordPress.
We have had many of our Web Builder customers update their websites with the FastTrack WordPress web design
service in the last year, and we wanted to showcase their new sites!

Embrun Florist

A client who we had the pleasure to work with was Embrun Florist.
In order to determine how to best meet the needs of Embrun Florist, we asked them a couple of questions about what they wanted to
get out of their new website and any current issues they had with their
old one.

before-after1.jpg From Web Builder to FastTrack


  1. The first change they wanted to have made to the site was the navigation menu on the Embrun Florist website. With Web Builder, she was able to have both English and French on it but it looked cluttered and messy. Our client needed a bilingual navigation menu that provided a professional and upscale look.
  2. Embrun Florist also wanted a slight change in the colour scheme of their website without departing too much from the original look. With Web Builder, the palette selection was limited and made it difficult to select the appropriate colour to match the floral imagery on their website.
  3. Lastly, Embrun Florist wanted a seamless transition through different sections of the website and to add starting points to direct visitors to important areas of the website. 


  1. Through WordPress, our web designer was able to use both English and French on the navigation menu while adding a professional look to it. The end result was a navigation menu that looked crisp and sharp.
  2. Using a wider range of colour palettes, our web designers were able to adjust and alter the website’s colour without departing too much from the original. We were also able to complement the floral images on their website through the wider range of colour palettes to suit their needs. 
  3. In order to create a seamless transition through different sections on the Embrun Florist website, our web designers designed invisible banners to give the flowers on the banner area a floating effect and to add more emphasis on the company logo and name.

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