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.LAWYER and .ATTORNEY – Domains for the Legal Industry



Are you a legal practitioner? If so, then today marks a great day for you online. Two new domains just launched – the new .ATTORNEY and .LAWYER domain extensions – and offer opportunities for your personal brand online!

Mark Your Expertise and Get Found Online

These two new domains are perfect for lawyers, barristers, law offices, legal firms and more because it provides you with the opportunity to clearly distinguish yourself in a highly crowded, competitive and saturated industry – for example, I just searched for “Vancouver Lawyers” and got 5,170,000 results.

With either the .ATTORNEY or .LAWYER domains, use your legal expertise, combine it with where you are and use the new domains to create a domain name that stands out from the competition. For example, use VancouverIP.Lawyer or TorontoConstruction.Attorney as your domain name to make your website instantly recognizable on the Internet.

Just Two of Hundreds of New Domains

.ATTORNEY and .LAWYER are just two domains among the hundreds of new extensions available in the next two to three years. With new opportunities to brand yourself online and connect directly with your customers, create a shorter, more memorable domain name that represents who your business is and what you do online!

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