Uniregistry TLD Price Increases Go Live – What You Need to Know

Uniregistry has announced price increases across the all of its TLDs. The increase ranges from 46% to a dramatic 380%, depending on the extension, and go into effect on September 8, 2017. Webnames has elected to keep the pricing of both .CLICK and .LINK the same, despite Uniregistry’s increases on those extensions also.

Owners of some Uniregistry extensions registered prior to the September 8th price increase – namely those with the greatest price increase, shown below in blue – will receive grandfathered pricing for renewals.

While we are not pleased about the price increases; we have elected to continue to support Uniregistry’s offerings in order to facilitate customer choice and continue to support customers who are using these extensions.

Please contact our Customer Support team if you have questions about these price increases, or if you need assistance looking for an alternative domain extension. With over 450 supported extensions, we’re confident that we can help you find a solid alternative to match your needs, no matter how niche or generic.

— Team Webnames


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