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Upcoming Event – Domain Roundtable Conference

Domain Roundtable Conference 

August 13-15th, Seattle, Washington

 Domain Roundtable

Attention domainers and domain industry players: the third-annual Domain Roundtable Conference is scheduled for August just south of the border in Seattle, Washington. The conference will explore trends, opportunities and innovations in domain name investment, covering topics such as domain portfolio development, domain sales and acquisitions, monetization and bringing domain values to brand managers and developers in other industries. This year’s theme is “Domains Breaking into the Open Market of the Business Community” and while most sessions will cater to seasoned domain professionals, the conference will also introduce new domainers to key concepts for succeeding online.

Because dates were confirmed only recently, session topics, agenda and sponsors are not yet posted to the website, however last year’s conference brought together a wide variety of industry experts – including Domainers, Registrars, Resellers, Portfolio Managers, Intellectual Property professionals and more – to network and discuss issues in the domain world. Expect some serious networking and a lively domain auction too. Conference registration begins in a few weeks time; for now you can find out more by subscribing to the RSS feed or email list at www.domainroundtable.com.


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