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Moving from Web Builder to WordPress: Kaminsky and Co.

In 2011, launched our latest WordPress web design
service called FastTrack. FastTrack was designed with small businesses
in mind and aimed at fulfilling the needs of our customers while still
making it affordable.

One of the things we did when we introduced
this product was to transition some of our Web Builder clients (a legacy product) to a WordPress website.

A client who we had the pleasure to work with was Kaminsky and Co.
In order to determine how to best meet the needs of Kaminsky and Company, we
asked them a couple of questions about what they wanted to
get out of their new website and any current issues they had with their
old one. (Before on the left, after on the right – below).

before-after2.jpg From Web Builder to WordPress


  1. Kaminsky and Co. wanted a more professional look to their website’s banner. As a law firm, it was crucial that their website was able to exude professionalism for clients and potential clients.
  2. They also needed to add images to their website, in order to attract and guide visitors. Before FastTrack, the Kaminsky and Co. website was plain and was not as visually appealing as they wanted it to be.
  3. With Web Builder, the client found it difficult to adjust the colour scheme on their website. This made it difficult to match the corporate colours and maintain brand consistency.


  1. With WordPress, our web designers made a custom banner for Kaminsky and Co. and added a watermark for the law firm.
  2. Our web designers used images that our client already had and used them to make the main page more attractive. The images were crisp and sharp, which made the homepage more visually appealing. (Choosing great photos for your site is an easy way to make it look more polished).
  3. Through WordPress’ wide range of colour palettes, we were able to match the corporate colours and create brand consistency across the different platforms that Kaminsky and Co. operates in. 

This was a really fun project for our team to work on! We love seeing a new website come to life and watch it start to work for our customers!

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