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Webnames adds Layar to our Business in Vancouver Campaign

We’re excited to announce that our Business in Vancouver campaign has just become even more interesting! The March 12th, 2013 issue features Layar capabilities which allows you to interact with our ad on page 16!


What is Layar?

Layar is a mobile app that brings images to life! From your smart phone, interact with digital content in real-time through augmented reality.

Augmented Reality

So what is AR? Augmented reality scans for distinctive visual characteristics on an image. This allows it to bring up specific content unique to that image. Once the image has been processed, it creates a virtual interface for the image. It works on everything, from magazine covers, images, postcards and product packaging. It literally adds and extra layer of content to images!

Layar is easy to use! Just follow these simple steps:

Step1: Download the App!

Step 2: Look for pages with the Layar logo

Step 3: Scan the image

Step 4: Interact with the content!

You can download the app here: http://www.layar.com/download! See our Business in Vancouver ad, every week. You can subscribe to Business in Vancouver by visiting their website.
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