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Webnames.ca Launches Domains Protected Marks List


Introducing the Domains Protected Marks List!

The Domains Protected Marks List, or DPML, is an easy and cost effective solution to protecting your trademark. With hundreds of new domain extensions launching in the next 2 to 3 years, trademark protection will become challenging. With the DPML, you will be able to protect your brand by blocking domain registrations that either contain or match your trademark.

DPML Features:

  1. Comprehensive – Trademark protection through the DPML extends beyond your trademark. Names that contain or match your trademark are protected through the DPML blocks, protecting your brand against infringement.
  2. Control and Flexibility – Submitting your trademarks to the DPML allows you to block domain registrations across 200 new domain extensions (or new gTLDs), while still retaining control over specific domain names that you want for your own organization.
  3. Simple – the DPML protects your trademark for a minimum of 5 years. All blocked domains will remain unregistered, eliminating the maintenance costs of these domains.
  4. Affordable – Protecting your brand and trademark through the DPML is cost-effective and is far more affordable than protecting your brand by registering individual domains.

To learn more about the Domains Protected Marks List, visit www.webnames.ca/DPML

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