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Webnames.ca Proud to Support Vancouver Sun Kids Fund

Webnames.ca is proud to announce that we are once again supporting the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund’s Adopt-a-School campaign. This year, Telus is matching $1.00 for every time the hashtag #VanSunKids is mentioned on social media. The funds will go to supporting kids in need and schools that need funding.

Below are some stories of how local Vancouverites and businesses are stepping up to help local children in need. Webnames.ca is doing our small part in the campaign and acting as a sponsor. Whether you have little or a lot to give, your help in spreading the word will do a lot to help out these children.

A closet for students who don’t have one at home

For some students in Vancouver’s Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, they only own the clothes on their backs. Some of the kids were coming in to school with only a single set of clothing, all year round. For this reason, Tupper Secondary’s youth and family worker Adrienne Beaton applied to the Van Sun Adopt-a-School fund for $3,000 to help set up Charlie’s Closet to provide new clothes and footwear for impoverished students.

The Vancouver Sun Kids Fund has also provided its support for the school by hosting a breakfast program, welcoming any hungry student. [Read More]

Surrey school’s peer tutoring program isn’t just about grades

In 2013, gangs and drug trade were rampant in Surrey. To combat this, a group of volunteer students and teachers at the Queen Elizabeth Secondary school initiated the After School Peer Tutoring Program to help school kids focus on academics, instead of gang affiliations and drug trade.

“These kids need more wraparound support in their lives, not just with the academic but emotionally as well, and they need advice on how to make good choices,” said Queen Elizabeth Secondary principal, Darren Bedard.

While the program has seen success, it is in need of more textbooks for the kids and is in need of $8,000 to cover the costs of buying textbooks, food and bursaries. [Read More]

Hundreds, if not thousand of BC kids go to school hungry

At least forty children come to Richmond’s William Bridge Elementary hungry every day and bring nothing for lunch. By cobbling together donations from people and businesses, the staff has so far been able to provide bagels, cream cheese, jam and yogurt for these kids.

This is a similar story shared by 13 other Richmond elementary and high schools. Eight Richmond school have lunch programs and six schools have both breakfast and lunch. One school is feeding 175 kids and only a few of those food programs are held on a daily basis.

At almost every school, it is up to the staff to scramble to find the money for food or donors willing to provide food.

Hearing about this situation in Richmond schools, the Adopt-a-School program has supported 15 schools by holding breakfast programs every morning.  [Read More]

For more stories about how the Vancouver Kids Fund visit www.vansunkidsfund.ca/category/stories

How you can help:

1. Telus is generously donating $1.00 every time #vansunkids is used on social media. If you read a story and feel inspired, please share it via social media.

2. Webnames.ca will be doing its part in supporting the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund. We’ll be tweeting and posting, using the hashtag: #vansunkids, please feel free to retweet and share it on your social media profile.

3. If you prefer donating and supporting in your own way, you can help by visiting www.vansunkidsfund.ca


Fore more information about the Vancouver Sun Kids Fund and the Adopt-a-School campaign, visit www.vansunkidsfund.ca


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