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Webnames.ca Sponsors 2014 Global Game Jam Vancouver

Webnames.ca is proud to sponsor the 2014 Global Game Jam (GGJ) in Vancouver. The GGJ is a 48 hour around-the-clock event held at the grounds of the University of British Columbia on January 24-26, 2014. The 2013 event was a huge success and next year looks to be even bigger!

What is the Global Game Jam?

The Global Game Jam is a world-wide event inspired by the Nordic Game Jam. The GGJ occurs simultaneously in different locations across the globe with the goal of bringing together local game developers and inspire collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Each game jam is a site/s in a local city or country, where game developers (both amateur and professional) gather and form teams based on popular ideas and game themes to compete against other game jam sites.

With their teams, the game developers attempt to create a fully functional game based on the overall concept and GGJ theme. The jam sites create all this in a single weekend or 48 hours. After the weekend is up, the games are presented to their peers and the entire global gaming community.

Global Game Jam Vancouver

In 2014, Vancouver is once again participating as a jam site. The 2014 GGJ Vancouver will be stepping things up with mentors to help new developers, content specialists that can provide help to developers and a guest speaker from Klei Entertainment.

The GGJ event is a great way for game developers to meet others in the industry. Developers are encouraged to head to the event without a team. This allows for developers with different backgrounds and skill sets to meet and work with each other!

By acting as a promoter of collaboration, experimentation and innovation, Global Game Jam Vancouver will be an incubator for concepts and ideas that can inspire future game developers to revolutionize both international and local gaming industry.

For more information on Global Game Jam Vancouver, visit www.ggjvancouver.com

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