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WordPress Website Highlight: www.christinetrischuk.com

Webnames.ca launched a web design service with small business in mind last year called FastTrack. FastTrack web design service, provides a professional website, built quickly and affordably. This program has been a huge success and we wanted to highlight some of our FastTrack clients.

The month, we dive into christinetrischuk.com. We asked Christine Trischuk a few questions regarding her experience with Webnames.ca and how things have been since working with Webnames.ca.

Christine Trischuk is a businesswoman, networker, volunteer and looks to make a difference in her community.

christinetrischuk.pngHow important is your website to your business? What does it do for you?

The value in having my website is multifaceted, as I use it for business and personal use. In business, I am continuously trying to keep clients and colleagues abreast of all the projects that I am working on, and that may be of interest to them. On a personal level, the website has given me an outlet to express myself through my blog, and more web presence to talk about my charitable work. I have been able to create and define an online identity that links the two together, for those who have previously only known one side of me.

Why did you decide to invest in a new website?

Investing in a new website is essentially investing in myself, and my personal brand. I didn’t want an “ad based” format that was going to look cheap and distracting to my viewer. I originally started a website with Webnames.ca under their “Web Builder” platform, and after a year, we had the decision to have it upgraded to a WordPress format. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

When choosing a company to work on your site what factors came in to play?

I wanted to work with a company that was local and cared about their customers and meeting their needs. From the start of the process, I was impressed with the standards and the time that was invested in my project. I was contacted via email and phone, and the personal aspect to the transaction made me want to refer their services on.

Tell us a bit about your experience working with Webnames.ca. How was the process? Did everything go as expected? Were there any surprises?

The process with Webnames.ca couldn’t have gone any better. The process was completely smooth, and I had customer service support through the entire process. I had to reconfirm a detail before the site went live, and the team responded to my emailed concerns immediately and efficiently, to ensure that I was happy and satisfied with the results.

Did you learn anything new by going through this process? If yes, what was it?

I learned the value in staying connected to the world. Through my website I can control the tone and personal ambiance around details and topics associated with me. I blog on topics that I find relevant to me, and have enjoyed the writing experience.

Has your new website had any effect on your business, either day to day or overall? If so, please explain.

The website since its launch has had a huge impact on myself personally and professionally. It has brought me more business, more contacts and a broader reach to an audience that I didn’t realize I had. It has also made me more conscious of my personal brand and how I can display my values to the world.

Is social media integrated with your website? If yes, why do you think it’s important to you and your business?

Social media is integrated with my website. The importance is linking to further mediums where I connect and interact with my audience. Since the launch of the website and connecting social media, my Twitter followers and Facebook fans have grown every day.

How easy has it been for you to manage your site and keep it up to date?

The training that I received from Webnames.ca was fantastic. I had an informative training session on WordPress with Sean before the site went live, and he was quick to answer all of my questions and make sure that I was comfortable navigating the site and able to upload new content to keep it current.

What would you tell someone who was considering working with Webnames.ca on their new website?

That the money that they spend with Webnames.ca on their new site would be money well spent.

Want a quick and simple approach to building your website? Learn more about FastTrack, our web design service.

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